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We can assist in curing your voice, swallowing and breathing problems!!

Our voice contributes to our unique identity. Any malfunctioning of voice can significantly affect our day-to-day lives. The Voice Clinic at Dr. L.H. Hiranandani Hospital’s provides for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of issues related to voice and swallowing, including hoarseness or loss of voice, breathy voice, cracking of voice, pitch changes, straining of voice, tremors or a shaky voice, stammering, stuttering, chronic cough or difficulty in swallowing.

Our team at the voice clinic is singularly well-equipped to manage a host of conditions that may affect your voice quality, including vocal nodules, vocal cord polyps, cysts, spasmodic dysphonia (spasms while speaking), muscle tension dysphonia (strained voice due to improper muscle usage), vocal cord paralysis and vocal cord cancers. Difficulty in breathing, acid reflux affecting the throat, persistent cough due to laryngeal causes and swallowing related issues are also managed.

We also help professional voice users who may require improvisation in their voice quality or enhancement of their voice tonality. This would include people such as teachers, amateur as well as professional singers, actors, lawyers, salespersons, etc. who rely on their voice for their livelihood.
We offer voice rehabilitation techniques, voice and speech therapy, and whenever required, surgical options, to treat your voice related issues. In addition to routine microlaryngoscopy (examination of the larynx under general anesthesia along with a biopsy/removal of swellings over the vocal cords), we also perform injection laryngoplasty (vocal cord injections) and thyroplasty (surgery to push the vocal cords towards the midline in cases of weak voices or paralyzed vocal cords to strengthen the voice).

Facilities / Services

  • Voice analysis with a specialized software
  • Voice / Speech Therapy
  • Laryngoscopy
  • Surgeries for voice and swallowing related issues
  • Swallowing therapy


Location: 7th floor OPD.

Days & Timings: Monday to Saturday: 9 am to 6 pm.

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