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Swine flu- Overview

Swine Flu is a respiratory illness in humans brought on by a pig-born influenza virus. The swine flu virus still circulates as a seasonal flu virus and was initially identified in the 1919 pandemic. The H1N1 virus strain, which first appeared in pigs, is what causes swine flu. Fever, coughing, sore throat, chills, weakness, and body pains are among the symptoms. Severe infections can be dangerous for older people, children, and pregnant women.Rest, painkillers, and drinks are typically used as treatments. Antiviral drugs and intravenous fluids may be necessary in some circumstances.Any one of the several swine influenza viruses can cause swine influenza. Any strain of the influenza virus family that is endemic in pigs is known as the swine influenza virus (SIV) or swine-origin influenza virus (S-OIV). As of 2009, influenza C and the influenza A subtypes known as H1N1, H1N2, H2N1, H3N1, H3N2, and H2N3 have been discovered as SIV viruses.

The H1N1 virus is a subtype of the influenza A virus, also known as swine flu. We at DR L H Hiranandani Hospital have a team of expert doctors for swine flu treatment in Mumbai. We have a swine flu center in Mumbai that consists of all the required latest medical equipment’s. Get treated under the guidance of expert doctors.

A fresh H1N1 strain was identified in April 2009. It was initially discovered in the United States. The virus soon spread throughout the US and the rest of the world. It swiftly spread because it was a novel strain of the flu virus.The young were not yet immune to the new virus. Older individuals seemed to be more resistant to the virus. They could have been protected by exposure to an earlier H1N1 strain.Throughout the world, the new strain sickened millions of individuals. Globally, at least 150,000 people perished. 80 percent of those who passed away were under 65. In 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified the H1N1 influenza as a pandemic. Around the world, the virus is said to have killed 284,400 people that year. WHO pronounced the epidemic to be finished in August 2010. However, one of the viruses that cause seasonal flu is the H1N1 virus from the pandemic.


Symptoms of Swine Flu

The H1N1 virus, sometimes known as the swine flu, causes flu symptoms that are comparable to those of other flu viruses.

 Symptoms usually start quickly and can include:

  • Fever, but not always.
  • Aching muscles.
  • Chills and sweats.
  • Sore throat.
  • Runny or stuffy nose.
  • Watery, red eyes.
  • Eye pain.
  • Body aches.
  • Tiredness and weakness.
  • Feeling sick to the stomach, vomiting, but this is more common in children than adults.

Flu symptoms develop about 1 to 4 days after you are exposed to the virus. In such cases it is necessary to consult a medical professional. We at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital have the best doctors for swine flu in Mumbai.


Best Doctors for Swine flu in Mumbai

We are the best swine flu hospital in Mumbai backed up with team of expert professionals. DR L H Hiranandani provides the best Swine flu Treatment. For Comprehensive treatment Consult our Specialists. They will examine your condition by doing detailed analyses of the symptoms. Having access to the greatest medical experts is essential while facing health issues. The management of H1N1 influenza is led by our carefully selected team of Best Doctors for Swine flu in Mumbai. These doctors use cutting-edge diagnostic techniques and therapies that are supported by evidence because they have a wealth of expertise treating infectious illnesses. Their dedication to patients' health includes thorough instruction on swine flu avoidance.


Causes of Swine Flu

Your nose, throat, and lungs are lined with cells that influenza viruses like H1N1 infect. When an infected person coughs, sneezes, breathes, or speaks, the virus is discharged into the air and spreads by droplets. When you breathe in infected droplets, the virus gets inside your body. Additionally, if you contact a contaminated surface and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, it may enter your body. Pork cannot transmit the swine flu.

From around a day before symptoms emerge until roughly four days after they do, infected individuals are certainly contagious. Children and persons with compromised immune systems could have a modest advantage in the propagation of the virus. But you don’t need to worry. If you begin to feel any symptoms of swine flu then contacts us immediately.  We understand that each individual matters and deserves the best treatment available. We won't approach our task in a robotic manner. We will be intimate. We have the best swine flu specialist in Mumbai who will completely able to identify it and successfully cure it using cutting-edge tools, methods, and procedures.


How is swine flu (H1N1) diagnosed?

Our team of doctors can identify H1N1 swine flu. They could interview you about your symptoms and do a physical examination.  The doctor could ask for a quick flu test. Multiple flu viruses are tested for using a quick flu test. The H1N1 test results might not be available for several days.


Prevention of Swine Flu

The following advice can help stop the flu from spreading further if someone has it:


  • Limit the number of persons you interact with.
  • Avoid going to work or school if you have the flu.
  • Whenever you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth with a tissue. Use your hand or an awkward arm to cover your mouth and nose if there is not a tissue nearby.
  • Place the used tissues in the garbage.
  • Regularly wash your face and hands.
  • Keep everything you touch clean.
  • Observe all medical advice.


Risk factors involved due to Swine flu

Factors that may increase your risk of developing H1N1 or other influenza viruses or their complications include:


  • Age. Children under the age of two and adults over 65 tend to fare worst from influenza.
  • Living or working conditions. - Flu infections are more common in those who live or work in housing complexes with a large population of occupants. Nursing facilities or military barracks are a couple such examples. Additionally, hospital patients are more vulnerable.
  • Weakened immune system. - The immune system can be weakened by HIV/AIDS, blood cancer, anti-rejection drugs, long-term steroid usage, organ transplant, cancer therapies, and anti-rejection drugs. This may raise the chance of contracting the flu and make complications more likely.
  • Chronic illnesses. - The risk of influenza complications may be increased by chronic illnesses. Asthma and other lung ailments, diabetes, heart problems, and nervous system disorders are a few examples. Other instances include blood, kidney, liver, and metabolic diseases, airway issues, and metabolic abnormalities.
  • Aspirin use under age 19.If they contract influenza, those under the age of 19 who are taking long-term aspirin treatment are at risk of developing Reye syndrome.
  • Obesity-Body mass index (BMI) of 40 or above is associated with a greater risk of flu complications.


Swine Flu Treatment in Mumbai

The patients suffering from Swine flu may need treatment to lower the symptoms & get back to normal too. In such cases we are here to help you. We have the best doctors for treatment for swine flu who treat all kinds of conditions

It is an established fact that at the heart of the Hiranandani mission, in any sector, is the passionate commitment to stay at par with global standards. Predictably, the theme reflects on nearly everything we undertake at the Hospital – the first initiative of the Hiranandani Group in healthcare. From the simplest to the most complex surgical; procedures are performed at our hospital. We are equipped with medical equipment purchased from the foremost vendors in the world. We are ranked as the best Swine flu hospital in MumbaiAs a multi-speciality tertiary and quaternary care hospital, we are proud to identify ourselves as a frontline provider of comprehensive healthcare. Within a short span of time from 2004 we have grown from a 130-bed hospital to a formidable 244 bed facility. The expansion which we undertook not only added beds but also newer service modalities. The hospital was modernised, and we are now in the same league with the best hospitals in the world.


Swine flu specialist in Mumbai

The advanced procedures performed by our medical team's skilled professionals benefit patients by causing them to experience less pain and discomfort, spend less time in the hospital, recover more quickly, resume their normal daily activities more quickly, leave fewer scars, and avoid many potential complications that could arise from traditional surgery. Expertise is important in swine flu cases. Our Swine Flu Specialist in Mumbai is a seasoned expert committed to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of H1N1 influenza. He is driven by a passion for public health. Our specialist uses cutting-edge diagnostic methods and research-proven therapies to achieve the greatest outcomes for patients. He has extensive experience in infectious disorders. Our expert, who is dedicated to promoting community health, also provides thorough instruction on swine flu protection measures. For your peace of mind, put your trust in the wisdom and sympathetic care of our specialist. Our top goal is your health, and you're in good hands with our professional.




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