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A centre for evidence based, integrated and holistic system of medicine for diabetes reversal, healing and good health.

At Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, we believe that health is that condition of the individual that makes possible the greatest enjoyment of living. We do not consider health being the absence of disease or infirmary as that in our eyes is a standard of mediocrity. We believe that quality of life can be a source of inspiration and the hallmark of ever-increasing achievement for an individual. Something to aim for to lead life to the fullest.

To that end, we have the Hira Regain (Hiranandani Regain)

The department has created special packages for those willing to create a discipline in their lives to achieve optimal health. All this through the long-term changes in our environment. We are confronted by a silent epidemic of Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome (a combination of Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and increasing weight and its related issues). We, at the Regain Centre will ensure we encompass holistic evidence based and integrated system for healing and good health.

Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital Presents The Hira Regain Packages For You & Your Family

Health may not be everything but losing it makes everything become nothing

Packages at a glance

Re - Mission (For Diabetes)

In India we are at high risk for type 2 Diabetes even at younger ages and surprisingly at lower body weight. Indians have some unique aspects of the disease viz; higher insulin resistance, higher fat accumulation in the abdominal cavity & liver and less glucose uptake by muscles due to poor muscle mass contributing to higher incidence of Diabetes. Re:MISSION looks at curated solutions and medical – based immersive experiences. It is holistic and looks at targeting control and remission of Diabetes. It is also aimed at enhancing quality of life and life-years through an integrated approach for YOU!

Optimal living is a pursuit for excellence. The early bird sure gets a head-start. So it is with our health. Our comprehensive holistic package . RE:MISSION has been designed to enable you determine whether your health is on track with respect to diabetes control and remit diabetes altogether.

  • » Complete Blood Count
  • » Blood Group
  • » Urine Routine
  • » Stool Routine
  • » Chest X-ray
  • » USG - Abdomen & Pelvis
  • » Blood Glucose - Fasting & Postprandial
  • » Lipid Profile
  • » ECG
  • » Body Composition Analysis
  • » HbA1C
  • » Biothesiometer
  • » AB Index
  • » Indirect/Direct fundoscopy
  • » Yoga
  • » Meditation
  • » Sound therapy
  • » Diet therapy
  • » Detoxification
  • » Acupuncture
  • » Underwater exercise (will be introduced later)
  • » Strengthening exercise
  • » Cooking classes
  • » Metabolic Physician consult
  • » Ophthalmology consult
  • » Neurology consult
  • » Diabetic foot specialist consult
  • » Diabetes Education
  • » Counseling
  • » Dental screening
  • » Hair restoration
  • » Facials
  • » Laser hair removal
  • » Botox
  • » Fillers
  • » Full dental check

Trusted Nutrition
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Your Programme Will Be As Per Day Sheet Provided

Awareness of your general well-being would help you re-structure your life and celebrate each day with positive attitude and strength.


This package focuses on the general well-being and Diabetes Control. The tests will help to detect the early onset of diseases including diabetes and various ailments affecting heart, liver, kidneys and thyroid organs. The consultation with the doctor helps you to discuss any health-related issues with clarity especially after the investigations. The integrated therapy sessions will be of benefit and leave a sense of well being. Scientific evidence conclusively show that Diabetes can be prevented / delayed in onset for even those likely to develop Diabetes. Detection of the Pre-Diabetes status is what we will establish and if a Diabetic already we will work towards remission.

Re -Duce

With Re:DUCE we have an Integrative approach to weight optimization . We incorporate a holistic approach to your wellness. We plan to improve your health and performance through Nutrition and Diet, your mind through yoga and meditation, fitness and flexibility by yoga, exercise and massage and should you feel the need then rejuvenate you by beauty enhancement and cosmetology. We walk with you. You are not alone in the journey to reclaim quality of life !

Re - Duce (For Weight Optimization)

The next decade will see an explosion of non-communicable diseases in India. Leading amongst them will be obesity. Weight loss takes time and effort and a long term commitment. Lifestyle change is an essential ingredient. Our team specifically designs tailor made programs for you as opposed to “One size fits all” approach. Our team will analyses the root cause and not just the symptom of obesity. In this fight you are not alone. We will partner with you to achieve a healthier you.

Re: Duce Package Consists Of:

  • » Vitals (Pulse, Oxygen and Blood pressure)
  • » Body Composition Analysis
  • » ECG
  • » Urine Routine
  • » Stool Routine
  • » X-ray
  • » Blood Group
  • » Complete Blood Count
  • » TSH
  • » Blood Glucose - Random
  • » Hb1AC
  • » LFT
  • » BUN + Creatinine
  • » Lipid profile
  • » Vitamin D3
  • » Vitamin B12
  • » Exercise Assessment (6 minute walk test OR VO2 max)
  • » Ultrasound abdomen and Pelvis
  • » Anthropometry (Height, Weight, Neck Circumference, Waist Circumference, Hip Circumference)
  • » Diet therapy (culturally sensitive)
  • » Meditation and Yoga
  • » Exercise
  • » Detoxification
  • » Acupuncture
  • » Sound therapy
  • » Psychological counselling
  • » Underwater Exercise (will be introduced later)
  • » Physiotherapy
  • » Sleep Study
  • » DEXA Scan

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