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One of the most dreaded complications of diabetes is gangrene of the foot and leg. Approximately 15% of all diabetic patients get foot and leg problems. This mean, more than one crore diabetic individuals are likely to suffer from foot and leg problems. It is important to realize that majority of these patients will be in the age group 35 to 45 years.

It is always better to prevent the diabetic foot wounds than to treat it. Indian as well as international statistics shows that 60% if the indoor admissions for the diabetic patients are for foot problems. Therefore preventive care is very important and essential.

Facilities / Services

  • Routine foot examination using biothesiometer, foot mapping and vascular impedance is available for all patients who want their foot evaluated.
  • Treatment for those already afflicted with "Diabetic foot" and various associated complications include the latest in medical and surgical treatment such as HBOT, tissue, oxygen evaluation, foot mapping, vascular impedance and advice on corrective footwear to prevent unequal pressure that may result in abrasions or ulcers.
  • Education to all to develop good practices to prevent diabetes associated complications from occurring.


Days & Timings: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 6 pm to 8 pm.                         

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Clinic Coordinator: 02 225763500.

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