OPD Fee Policy

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  • OPD Fee Policy

Physical Consultation

  • First visit – Doctor’s consultation fees & registration fees (applicable if not registered)
  • One visit within 8 days including day of First Visit (Sundays and Public Holidays will be counted) - No consultation charges to be paid (Free Visit*).

    a) Free visit will not be applicable for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists consultation, Specialty Clinic Consultation, Dr. Purushottam Vashisth, Dr. Geeta Billa, Dr. Deepak Chhabra and Dr. Rajesh B Kumar and is at the discretion of other Visiting Consultants.

    b) Free visit will not be applicable for Sunday OPD consultations.

  • Sunday OPD Consultation charges are 50% higher than the regular week day charges.
  • Procedure charges will be charged additional to the doctor’s consultation charges.
  • All Medical Value Travel (MVT) patients, i.e., international patients, will be charged 30% in addition to the hospital tariff.

Video Consultation

  • Video consultation fees will be charged 20% more than the physical consultation fees.
  • Free visit policy will not be applicable for the follow up Video and Physical consultations.

Please Note:

  • Physical / Video consultation within 30 days of the First consultation – Follow up consultation charges will be applicable. (Except Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists consultation)
  • Physical / Video consultation after 30 days of First consultation – First consultation charges will be applicable.
  • OPD Fee Policy for Physical and Video consultation is applicable only for consultation to the same consultant.
  • OPD Fee Policy for both Physical and Video consultations are separate and will not be applicable to each other.