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Ms Shweta Singh - Sports Physiotherpy Treatment Review

I recently underwent a knee surgery and glad to have referred to Dr. Niraj Parmar at Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai. 

Dr. Parmar is a fantastic sports physiotherapist with excellent knowledge, care and professionalism.He was super efficient in dealing with my problems and helping me to obtain optimum fitness. 

I really appreciate the clear explanation of my problem and the objective of the exercises . I am amazed at the difference he made to the flexibility of my knee in such a short time.I am very grateful to him because I could not get the same result earlier with 15 sessions what he did in just 6 sessions. 

He is very knowledgeable, dynamic ,committed, friendly,and very humble.He is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure you understand the issues and your treatment will help you in the long run. 

“Good advice, expert opinion, encouraging thoughts and exercises all made for an excellent experience.” 

I’m really grateful to Dr. Niraj Parmar at Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital. 

His efforts are well appreciated.

Ms Maharukh Daruwalla - General Medicine Review

Dear Dr Tulara, 

You kindly treated my father last month after he was admitted to Hiranandani ICU with aspiration pneumonia, DVT and compression fracture of the L3 vertebra.

We did not get a chance to meet you after he passed away in the night. 

I just hope this message reaches you - as my family and I wanted to thank you for all your input, kindness, empathy and care that you treated dad with and kept us informed. Please also pass on our thanks to Dr Arpita, Dr Harshit and the staff in ICU 2. 

Here is wishing you all the very best

Mr Ujjwal - Executive Health Checkup Department Review

I had my health checkup yesterday. I wanted to give a feedback that it was a wonderful experience. You have excellent coordination staff. My coordinator- Dipti did a great job in managing the crowd and that too very politely. Please convey my thanks to her.

The cleanliness and food were also remarkable.

Mr Kunal Mundle - Knee Replacement Surgery & Hopsital Assistance Team Review

My Mother Mrs Jyoti Mundle was admitted to your hospital for Knee Replacement Surgery for both her legs under Dr Sanjeev Jain.

 The date of admission was 11th March'2024. The entire process right from filling and submitting of the cashless insurance forms to admission on the above mentioned date was smooth with the able and very helpful guidance of Mr Aajay Kkundale. Kudos to him for his for all his efforts.

Dr Sanjeev Jain's surgery, on the 12th march'2024 ,as was expected ,went by remarkably well and I am Happy to inform you that my mother is on her feet albeit with a walker, as required, but doing really very well post surgery.

Also ,the rooms & the linen provided  was very clean and well maintained. The food served in the rooms was tasty and had all the ingredients of a well balanced diet. Overall, we are really very happy with the outcome of the surgery & looking forward to visiting Dr Jain once again when we come to remove the stiches 2 weeks from today.


Ms Rekha Vijayakar - Public Awareness Camp Review

Senior Citizens' Association, Raheja Vihar as always held its meeting in honour of 'Women' of Raheja Vihar. Seniors, Young, men and women met at R V Club House on the 8th March 24. By 5.15 pm members were walking in and the banquet hall was buzzing with exchange of greetings . Very musically talented, Deepak Trimbalkar entertained the audience with melodies of the past. Then followed a special lecture , curtosey Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital Powai.

Eminent and experienced doctor, Dr. Chitwan Dubey  Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dr. Dubey, of Hiranandani Hospital, Powai. Doctor very eloquently  discussed health issues related to emotions and understanding  a woman by the family along with child development and family. The issues that are often neglected were discussed with simple examples. The lectures invited many interesting queries from the participants. And the same were answered effectively by Dr. Dubey. Mr. Deepak Trimbakkar had,  as usual organised the session very efficiently. His efficient organisation skill is the reason for the success of the meeting.

The session concluded with tasty snacks courtesy Hiranandani Hospital.

Mr Anirudh Singh - Hospital Assistance Team Review

Would like to share our appreciation of the staff at day care and TPA desk for the recent day care procedure on 4th March at Hiranandani Hospital Powai for my wife Amrita A Singh.

  1. Anusha TS at Day care 8th floor
  2. Indrajeet at 9th floor TPA desk

 Really happy to see the staff with high customer and patient orientation.

 And a final word for Dr. Anita Soni who is a real rockstar.

Ms Divyansh Trivedi - Hospital Assistance Team Review

This is regarding feedback of the surgery that my father recently went through. He was admitted in your hospital for right leg hip replacement surgery from 15-21 feb 2024 is recovering well, I would like to sincerely appreciate the efforts put in by the whole team at Dr L H Hiranandani hospital, right from Mr Nitin (TPA desk), complete nursing staff of 10th floor, and finally a very sincere appreciation for Mr Sanjiv Jain, who perfectly executed the difficult surgery which was keeping us on our tenterhooks from quite a long time. 

Also,Sanjiv's sir juniors Mr Zoeb and Mr Adil who along with sanjiv sir paid regular visits during our stay in hospital and were always there for all the queries we had. 

Thank you complete hiranandani team.It wouldn't have been possible without their on the clock help and assistance.

Ms Lavina Thakkar - Hospital Assistance Team Review

The surgery happened on 19th Feb. Our contact point was Ajay from the hospital. He's a great person, picked up the phone every time, was available for queries and resolved and helped us till the end.

He is helpful and dedicated person and helped in a time of need when the patient doesn't need to be hassled with hospital formalities.


Ms Megha Gambhir Chawla - Urosurgery and Hospital Assistance Team Review

My dad was treated for Prostrate enlargement with a surgery done by Dr Prakash Shetty. The whole process from Mediclaim before checking in till the release and discharge was seamlessly looked after by Mr. Aajay.

I would like to appreciate his help and assistance for every detail which made the experience very smooth and pleasant for us. A big thank you to him and the team at hiranandani hospital.

Mr V. Suresh - Hospital Assistance Team Review

Our recent experience during my wife's Uterus procedure done at your hospital during 16th and 18th February 2024 has been very seamless. Particularly the services of Mr Aajay from HAT is commendable throughout GISA pre-approval, Admission and Discharge process.

His positive attitude towards the patient's needs and expectations helps to reduce the anxiety and aids the recovery process for which we came. He is an asset to Hospital and wish him all the best.

Ms Riya Chavan - Breast Cancer Surgery & Hospital Assistance Team Review

Talking about the hospital, the facilities there are very good, the doctors there clear your doubts very well, I rate it. Dr. Namitha Pandey did the operation, she removed my fear of cancer from my mind, made me feel very comfortable and then my breast fibroid was removed.

Mr. Ajay Kakundale also guided us very good regarding medicalem there.Thank you very much to all.

Mr Peter Devadiga - Hospital Assistance Team Review

I had planned my surgery on 22nd Jan but due to family emergency had to postponed it to the 12th Feb for which i got a great help and support from Ajay and also the entire process went very smooth, the entire staff , and doctor were very helpful and approachable, will always recommend Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital to all my family members friends and colleagues.

Thanks once again for all the help and support really appreciated.

Ms Nivedita - Hospital Assistance Team Review

We wanted to share feedback about Mr Nitin who helped my father during his entire surgery at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital.

Mr Nitin was very helpful, resourceful, quick to communicate and easy to talk to. We appreciate him helping us through the pre admission, admission and discharge process. He helped make the stressful situation better - especially when we had some confusion with our insurance company final approvals. 

Thank you so much Nitinji. 

Mr Basudev Bhattacharya - Hopsital Assiatance Team Review

I was admitted to Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai on the 9th of February 2024 for removal of a polyp through colonoscopy and I wish to record my grateful appreciation of Mr. Nitin’s selfless help in making my admission through cashless process and subsequent discharge a very smooth affair.

He had stayed very late on two occasions for completing the associated paperwork involved including interaction with the concerned doctor.  He even escorted me right up to the hospital room and ensured availability of all facilities for my comfort.  These acts of his were definitely above and beyond his call of duty.  God bless him.

Mr Sachin Shetty - ENT consultation & Hospital Assistace Team Review

My experience with the team at the Hiranandani hospital has been good . 

Dr Ravikiran Vernekar consulting and the Aajay Kkundale administration coordination was good . 


Mr Bharti Sawant - Ms Nivedita - Hospital Assistance Team Review

I am writing this email to thanks Aajay Kkundale from Hospital Assistance team. My mother has undergone Knee replacement surgery on 31st Jan 2024 for which she got admitted on 30th Jan 2024. For this surgery, we have opted for cashless hospitalisation . As we are aware, cashless hospitalisation is a critical process. However, Aajay has handled everything smoothly and without any extra effort from our side our claim got approved. During our tenure in hospital, we have observed that Aajay ws very calm, tolerant, soft spoken, had positive attitude and was always willing to help.  

He always attended the patients with care and smile on his face. Due to his help and support, we have not faced single issue in our insurance claim during our stay in hospital. Due to his help, the discharge process was also smooth. 

We would like to thanks Ajay once again and request the Hospital to recognise him for his great efforts.

Ms Saroja Srinivasan - Genereal Surgery, Nursing & Hospital Assistance Team Review

I was in-patient, operated for Ventral Hernia by Dr Vinaykumar Thapar on 28.12.2023. I would like to convey my appreciation to all staff for the attention and kindness. 

Special thanks to Mr. Aajay Kkundale who was very helpful throughout the process of admission, insurance cashless process and discharge procedure.

Dr. Vinaykumar Thapar made me comfortable throught  pre and post operation. Special thanks to all nursing staff, Akeshata, Bhavana, Tanuja, Manisha.


Mr Hiren - Hospital Assistance Team Review

I am writing this feedback for Niteen Pahurkar who assisted my mother Usha Shanbhag and me during the entire process from admission to discharge and with the documents for Insurance reimbursement. He has been always available and helpful to us and is a true asset to your hospital.

My mother and I would like to thank him for everything.

Ms Supriya Shinde - Hospital Assistance Team Review

I was recently admitted in Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital for a procedure. Mr Niteen was very helpful in getting all paperwork done, estimates and discharge formalities. 

Thank you very much for the excellent service.

Mr Makarand Kale - Hospital Assistance Team Review

Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital have recently introduced good service support by helping the patients & their  relatives in follow up of Medicliam cashless approval. The process has become simless & stress free. 

I would like to provide my honest feedback on very good support provided by Mr. Ajay Kundale , who helped us in filing details/forms for smooth process. He was very helpful, supportive in his working. 

Thanks Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital for this wonderful initiative


Mr Manish Menon - Hospital Assistance Team & Nursing Review

Just to want to appreciate the high level of responsiveness and help provided by Ajay to us when I was admitted to the hospital on 10th and 11th January for a surgery. 

The pre admission formalities were taken care by him very well & also during the discharge time.

Special thanks to Dr Abhijit Joshi, Ajay and other nursing staff for their support.

Ms Anuja Deshpande

We had a good experience at the LHH Hospital. Right from the admission process to the doctor's, to the support staff, the phm team everyone assisted very well. Thank you for the assistance.

Ms Rekha Vijayakar - Community Event Review

Senior Citizens' Association of Raheja Vihar, Chandivali held its monthly meeting on Saturday 20th January 2024 at Club House, Raheja Vihar. Our sincere thanks to Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital for its continuous philanthropic gesture and organising their Doctor Team to serve the senior citizens.

Dr Rameet Kaur Sawhney introduced the topic 'Sarcopenia' and it's solutions. In very simple words Dr Rameet explained the importance of muscle care to avoid Sarcopenia. Dr.Swapnil Mehta, senior Consultant of Pulmonology very vividly put forth the need to keep away from germs by following the etiquettes during cough. He emphasised on how to wash hands to avoid spread of the unseen germs.

The lectures invited many interesting queries from the participants. Mr Deepak Trimbakkar had, as usual organised the session very efficiently. His friendly interaction with the seniors is always welcome. The session concluded with tasty snacks and hot coffee.

Mr Ralph Dmello - Nursing & Hospital Assistance Team Review

This is to place on record my appreciation for the services rendered by your Guest Relations Personnel Mr Niteen Pahurkar. 

Right from the time of the lengthy and cumbersome procedure to seek admission in the hospital Mr Niteen was there to assist us. He was also extremely helpful in liasoning with the TPA and following up with same. He also visited me in my room every day to find out if things were going well. He made my discharge procedure also very smooth. Also I wish to appreciate the efficiency and kindness of Nurse Sheetal.

Ms Manjiri DasGupta - Hira:Regain Review

To the whole team of HIRA: REGAIN

I would like to congratulate the whole team for amazing work.

My daughter enrolled for the program after a detailed guidance from Dr Sushma, Dr Pahuja.

The best part of the program is the experts taking care of multiple aspects of the metabolic syndrome in an efficient coordinated manner .

The focus was on bringing the balance back to normal. Dr Pahuja not only managed the medical aspect but also very patiently explained the reason and importance of the treatment. Food is very important aspect of lifestyle change . Excellent diet advice from Dietician Ms Richa and her team which included the Chefs who helped to train us in choosing healthy food and taught us interesting recipes.

The physiotherapy team helped to improve the fitness. The wholistic approach included other aspects like strengthening the mind, yoga,  sound therapy and  other alternative medicine.

Once again , I would like to thank everyone for helping us in this journey which will continue till the goal is achieved. I would recommend this program to everyone who wants to achieve wellness.

Ms Komal Sharma - TPA & Hospital Assistance Team Review

My sister Divya Sharma went through an emergency procedure at the hospital on 29th December.The entire hospital was very helpful and everything went off smoothly.

I would like to acknowledge and say a big thank you to the TPA team and especially Arun. From day one he was always available and guided us. Thank you Arun for all your help.

I also want to thank Vijay and Nitin for helping us out for cashless insurance.

Mr Yuvraj Wagh - GI Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Anesthesiology, Nursing Hospital, Assistance Team & Support Staff Review

Today my mother, Mrs Chhaya Wagh got discharged from Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital after two surgeries and recovery from the same. I was an attendant with her and I'm pleased to share my wonderful experience in the whole treatment right from admission, surgery, personal care and discharge. 

A) Thanks to the Team of Doctors

I'm glad that though my mother underwent 2 critical surgeries at the same time, the doctors made it look simple with their experience and skills and helped her recover from all issues within 5 days of treatment.   

 Big thanks to: 

  1. Dr Vinay Thapar for not only successfully doing the Adhesiolysis and Hernia repair operation but also for his personal attention on recovery of my mom till she was recuperating from all post surgery effects.
  2. Second surgery of the implant removal done on the same day by Dr Sanjeev Jain was also perfectly executed and he has helped my mother to recover soon from pain of earlier implant operation. His regular visits to check the hand condition post surgery and guidance helped a lot to make the hand movement faster and easier.
  3.  Anaesthesiologist Dr Shobhit Bartarya  ensured that both the surgeries went well and kept my mom pain-free through the whole process.

 Big thanks to all the junior Doctors who came for regular checkups and the physiotherapists who ensured early recovery.

 B) Thanks to Hospital Assistant Team

My mother's operation was covered under medical insurance and the hospital admission team guided the process properly and also handled all queries from insurance on a regular basis to ensure that there was no hurdle in complete treatment. Special thanks to Ajay Kundale who was a big support right from admission till exit and ensured that the whole process was completed easily.  

C) 11th Floor Sisters and Support staff

The sisters on the 11th floor of the hospital gave 24x7 special care and service which had a big role in my mothers recovery. Also not to forget the admin and support staff who ensured clean room, good food and good on time service starting from early morning 5 am till late midnight. 

It was overall a wonderful experience in Hiranandani Powai Hospital and I appreciate the value for money in the overall treatment process. 

Thanks and Good wishes to the whole team.

Ms Riddhi - Hospital Assistance Team Review

I was recently admitted for my C section surgery under Dr Anita Soni, and i got in touch with Mr Niteen Pahurkar at the front desk. 

He made the entire admission and the TPA process so easy and simple that my husband and i did not have to worry about anything.  

He helped us fill the forms, he ensured the documents are in place and kept all the papers ready and also kept on updating us on status. 

He ensure our pre approval is taken care of the very same day and also helped us understand the various packages under the different types of room.  

On the day of admission it was a seamless experience, he again everything ready, made us check in to our respective room while paralleley finished the process of admission. 

Even on the day of discharge , it was the most seamless process with no waiting time at all and everything being taken care of in advance .  

We would really like to appreciate the quality of services provided to us by Mr Niteen and making the entire process for us easy And seamless specially when we have multiple other things to be worries about. 

Dr Amit Rathod - Hospital Assistance Team Review

I just texted to share my experience with Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital when my son Master Riddhish was admitted for Pediatrics Orthopaedics surgery. 

I am Pediatrician and was not available in Mumbai when medical emergency happen but Mr Nitin has manage all things for me .

Mr Nitin Pahurkar has helped me lot on telephone and intiate my health insurance, I was just unworried about it. He get done with all my adminstrative work

Always humble and helpful on phone before,  during admission and at time of discharge also 

I am grateful, Thank all for service.

Ms Gauri Godhamgaonkar - Patient Service, Nursing & Hospital Assistance Team Review

We really had a good experience with hospital service, doctor and the staff. There was a flawless service which made us very comfortable right from the admission till the discharge. The sisters were polite but a little more traning is required as we experienced some difficulty while setting up the IV.

The service provided by Mr Nitin from hospital assistance team was very helpful, timely and precious, the overall experience was very nice. Thank you.


Mr Mohan Iyengar - Hospital Assistance Team, ICU & Treatment Review

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding service provided by Mr. Nitin Pahulkar at Dr  L H Hiranandani Hospital. 

On 30th December, my father Mr. K R Krishnaswamy had to be admitted in the hospital, and Mr. Nitin Pahulkar's prompt assistance and thoughtful care made a significant difference in our experience. From the moment we arrived, he went above and beyond to ensure that our stay at the hospital was as smooth and hassle-free as possible. 

Mr. Nitin not only demonstrated exceptional professionalism but also exhibited a genuine concern for the well-being of the patient and our family. His proactive approach in checking on us regularly, addressing our concerns, and providing assistance whenever needed made a positive impact on our overall experience. 

In a healthcare setting where compassion and efficiency are crucial, Mr. Nitin truly stood out. His dedication to ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of patients and their families reflects positively on the values upheld by your hospital. It speaks volumes about the culture and standards set by the leadership. 

I strongly believe  it is important to acknowledge and commend outstanding service, and I am grateful for the exceptional care provided by Mr. Nitin. Please convey my sincere gratitude to him and recognize his efforts in delivering service excellence.

This mail will be incomplete if I don't thank my dear neighbour Silvia Mathew who has been a pillar of strength during our difficult times. 

The nursing staff at the 11th floor who took care of me during my stay. 

Dr Vimal Pahuja and Dr Sajit Babu who have worked as  a team to take care of my dad.  

Most importantly Dr Arpita and team of ICU who are constantly healing my dad. 

My dad yesterday insisted that I must gift the staff of ICU for their relentless service. 

While I'm expressing my gratitude, my did is still in the ICU. 

Thanking you for your leadership


Mr Melwin Sequeira - Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery & Hospital Assistance Team Review

This email is to share my feedback with you on the hospital services availed for my mother's treatment (Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery). 

She was admitted from Dec 20th to Dec 22nd 2023 under the treatment of Dr Aditya Sai Kadavkolan. 

We are happy with the treatment provided by the doctor. He explained the procedure well and followed up post surgery to ensure everything is fine.  

We are equally happy with the overall care shown by the hospital staff.  

I want to make a special mention of Mr Arun Ingavale who helped us with Insurance related TPA paper work which really helped in smooth admission and overall settlement process.

Mr Amitabh Dube - Bilateral Knee Replacement & Hospital Assistance Team Review

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide feedback and say thank you for the services that I recently took at the hospital

My father Janhavi Narain Dube was admitted in Room no - 1205 under Dr  Sanjeev Jain and underwent Bilateral Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

It was one of the best Hospital Experience that we as a family have had . Few points to highlight the same

  1. Seamless admission formalities done by the Hospital Assistant Team
  2. Excellent Nursing staff and the Ward Boys that operate on the floor ( All available and with a smile on there face )
  3. The information was constantly available even when my father was in OT undergoing the Surgery and we as family were anxious of the same
  4. Special compliments to Dr Sanjeev Jain and his expert team for making this surgery happen since my father is 81 year old

I want to take this opportunity to specially acknowledge the efforts of Mr Arun Ingavale ( Hospital Assistant Team ), right from the day Dr Sanjeev Jain informed me of the surgery and connected me to Mr  Arun , he has been super super helpful in facilitating all the processes  from TPA service , to admission , while in hospital regularly visiting and checking on us and then at the time of  discharge, his efforts are extraordinary and no words can thank him for the same. Please do convey my and my families appreciation to him. There are few people like him who make such experiences painless and  memorable.


Mr Uddipt Saha - Hospital Assistance Team Review

Arun has been absolutely supportive and transparent throughout the process and keeping me informed every step of the way.

He helped me ensuring the treatment goes smoothly and without me worrying about claims or payment processing. I was focused solely on my treatment and getting better.

Ms Candida Dsouza - Hospital Assistance Team Review

I was admitted in Hiranandani from 15th-17th Dec, Niteen Pahurkar was our hospital assistant. 

He was prompt with his follow-ups and very helpful with the admission process.

Ms Ketki Godse - Blood Bank Review

I had my blood samples collected by Miss Usha. She did a fantastic job and was extremely professional. She was on time and punctual.

She also calmed my down while collecting my blood.

Ms Divya Sreejith - Hospital Assistance Team Review

I was recently admitted for a chemo port placement and first chemotherapy. Mr. Nitin Pahurkar from the hospital assistance team had provided us good support for the TPA process, admission and discharge. This definitely provides some relief to family of patients and I hope you plan to expand this service to cover maximum patients.

Mr Chinmay Dalvi - Bilateral Knee Replacement & Hospital Assistance Team Review

My mother, Ms. Chitra V Dalvi was admitted at the Hiranandani hospital in Powai for a scheduled bilateral knee replacement procedure by Dr Sanjeev Jain. I would like to herewith submit a feedback of our experience at the hospital. 

The patient was admitted on 11th Decber, in the morning. The admission experience was smooth and went through without any major hastles, as Mr. Niteen from the Hospital Assistance Team helped us navigate through the necessary documentation. The necessary room was assigned to us and we moved in seamlessly. The necessary tests were scheduled in time and everything went on as planned. Mr. Niteen was contiously keeping tabs on our needs and making sure everything went on fine. The doctors and all nursing staff were very professional and helpful. The room service team provided hot, healthy and fresh food to the patient and the attendant, which made us feel at home. 

There was an incident where the patient failed the necessary stress test on 11th and was moved into ICU. Due to this, we were required to leave the booked room for a day and readmit the patient to single room on 13th December. Mr. Nitin made sure we got a good single room, as he had already reseved a room for us as per our needs. The hospital assistance team was continuously in touch to make sure everything went on well. The discharge for the patient was delayed by a couple of days due to some technical issues on our end, but the team provided us all necessary support. 

Even during the discharge procedure, all documents were processed by the Hospital Assistance Team in a timely fashion. Even when there were queries and major delays from the Insurance company, the hospital team, ensured continued support all the way till the end. The nursing staff provided all the necessary support during the process. 

Our experience at the Hiranandani hospital has been nothing short of amazing. The Hospital Assistance Team, has been extremely professional, supportive and friendly to make our experience a lot smoother than we had ever expected. Kudos to the entire team at the Hiranandani hospital for a wonderful and comfortable experience, and their support through an experience which we initially were expecting to be a bit turbulent.


Mr S Datta - Hospital Assistance Team Review

My wife Dr Moushumi Datta had undergone surgery in HIranandani Hospital on 24th November, 2023. 

We had issues with the cashless insurance and the surgery got delayed by a day, ie the surgery due on 23rd was postponed to 24th Nov, 23.

Through all these tensions one person Mr Nitin (from Hospital Assistance Team)  stood out as a beacon of hope. He answered our call at every instance, took it upon himself to ensure that the medical expense approval came in on time, Even at the time of discharge from the hospital, he was personally following up till 9 in the evening when we got the final approval from the insurance company. We wish toplace on record our appreciation for this gentleman and wish him every success. 

The staff and Doctors and the nurses were friendly and professional. In spite of the strain and concern for my wife, we had a comfortable stay and were confident in the fact that we were looked after well.  

Even a word of thanks to your PRO Mr Mario who was also of great help. 

 Once again our appreciation to all the people at Hiranandani Hospital. God bless them all. 

Ms Shilpi Malik - Minimally Invasive & General Surgery Review

This is regarding my stay in the Hospital as I underwent a laproscopy surgery for gall bladder removal. I'd like to sincerely thank Dr. Vinay Thapar who has been amazing and so humble throughout, he was the best doctor I've met in my entire life.

Apart from that Mr. Niteen C Pahurkar from the Assistance Team has been exceptionally helpful throughout our stay, starting from our admission till the discharge he was there for everything, the stay wouldn't have been so smooth without his help. People like Niteen are an asset for the Hospital and an Angel for the patients.

Ms Rajashree - ENT Treatment Review

I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr Kashmira Chavan. I met her on the 12th of Nov. What was remarkable was after expressing that I have experienced panic attacks in the past, she took time during and post the process to allay my fears and boost my confidence . I left her cabin feeling better as a person. A big thank you for the Human touch!

Er. Ramesh Kumar Bali - Bilateral Hips Replacement Treatment Review

Dr Sanjeev Jain, You are such a sweet, gentle, fabulous doctor, me and my entire family couldn't be more thankful for you and what you did for my daughter Shiksha Bali. True from Dil Se-we lost all hopes and thought it is an end but to the glorious carrier of shiksha Bali but you turned the word end to bend.

This surgery has made a positive impact on Shiksha Bali esteem. She is more than happy and blessed with a purpose to live by regaining the shattered faith, Now She is optimistic.

Thank you for taking very good care of Shiksha Bali during the recent procedure performed for bilateral complex reconstructive/ both Hips Replacement. My forefathers used to tell us Doctors are next to God and you proved them right. 

When we lost all the hopes it was God's message to take your opinion because you were not even on radar, Dr Sanjeev Jain you advised a new MRI and X Ray though the MRI was conducted 2 days back for Spine and thighs in the same hospital, For a moment I got angry why second time MRI in 2 days but God and God’s orders had to be obeyed. 

After MRI and X-ray reports I must admit I was having goose bumps hats off to your skill, experience and expertise, [Which is called combination of eagle eyes and experience which makes the perfect diagnose]. We went to so many Doctors like Padma Shri Dr BS Singhal 90+ at Bombay Hospital, Hinduja Hospital and even to top surgeons in Delhi Chandigarh and believe not even a single doctor disagreed with your findings. 

The tough task was to select the Hospital as we had some financial issues. It is appropriate to place on record the generosity of Dr LH Hospital. When you told me don't worry I will neither charge my Fee nor Assistant's fee, i could not hold my tears. Not fake but i could see God in you. Being one of the first entrants in This Paradise complex in the 80s we are lucky to have the best facilities in our complex by the Hiranandani family. 

Shiksha Bali a scholar, sports, Girl and above all a renowned number 1! Girl drummer in India and 12th in world used to perform on national and international platforms for the upliftment of Girls by travelling length and width. Her shows were regular on MTV, Prabhu Deva used her skills in his movie action Jackson. Shiksha was also on board of AR Rehman the great. She lost all the hopes to be on her feet’s again but your magical Gloves worked wonders. 

On 24th March 2023 after the surgery, the way you consoled me when I became emotional was unimaginable. Doctor when you hugged me and told me Surgery is successful i could not believe my ears. Such beautiful relations between Doctor, Patient and relatives i never saw in my life. Yesterday before [ discharge] your successful attempt with 100% confidence, you not only made My loving daughter Shiksha Bali, walked a few steps without any support and also obliged a selfie which we will cherish forever. Last but not the least Dr.Sanjeev Jain you are an asset to humanity please keep it up. 

My family joins me in stating we will remain indebted to you and Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital Powai forever.


Dr Geetha Subramanian - Neurosurgery Treatment Review

I got operated at Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, for a brain tumour,  on 8th of September, and I must say, I got excellent treatment for the same. Surgeon Dr Sachin Giri, Neuro Surgeon, is simply awesome. So also Your ICU Dept headed by Dr Arpita Dwivedy, Anasthesia headed by Dr Ujjwalraj, Gynec Dept Dr Vanita Raut,  and all your support staff, Dietetics, Physiotherapy.

Being a medical doctor myself (am  a Senior Pathologist) , I  know how difficult it is to maintain such high standards.Kudos to you and entire Team Hiranandani. Now am still recuperating from my major surgery, and am doing very well, huge thanks to. Dr Sachin Giri for his very valuable postoperative care and excellent guidance.   He had performed a marathon surgery on me for a very vascular brain tumour;  surgery lasted for an incredible 23 hours!  And i have absolutely no postoperative sequelae / problems! Dr Arpita Dwivedy heads an excellent ICU and she and her team of doctors and nurses, along with support staff, make us feel at home; very efficient and caring. Dr Ujjwalraj, heads a superb team of anasthesiologists and he provided excellent support during my marathon surgery. Dr Vanita Raut, an excellent Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, is extremely caring and efficient, as always.

Special mention about your support staff, all of whom are excellent, very dedicated; notable amongst them Sonamol is simply awesome, so also Arya and Reshma are very good, Nurse Kranti also attended on me for a short time, good. ICU nurses are excellent, Jestina, Simi, Payal (very sincere), Nilam, Mariya. 

Sorry, i don't know all their names. Casualty Doctor on call when i was admitted was Dr Nikhil i think, very efficient and caring

Ms Smita Chauhan - Emergency Ward Services Review

I, Smita Chauhan, had to take my mother, (Mrs. Sula R Mehta) who is 90 yrs old, to the Emergency Ward Services at Hiranandani hospital. We had to use the hospital’s Ambulance Services to admit her to their Casualty Ward to treat her for severe and serious COPD symptoms which included heavy breathlessness and sudden and extreme drop in oxygen saturation numbers. I would like to thank the complete team at Hiranandani Hospital who took care of my mother during her stay at the hospital. She has recovered well and back at home.


The services that were provided by the complete team, right from the Ambulance Services personnel to the doctors who were on call during her admission, were admirable, and commendable. The staff were knowledgeable, experienced, and professional in their approach. Despite dealing with a critical care situation, they were very kind and helpful in explaining the procedures and medications that they were administering to my mother. They talked about the pros and cons of each option and guided us in making the right decisions. 


Amongst the staff, I would especially like to thank Dr. Nanda Patil (Eemergency department) who from the beginning was very responsive, assuring, supportive and most of all, very caring. We always felt a sense of calm and confidence after speaking to her. Her following up constantly on my mother’s progress, even after my mother was discharged, spoke of her concern for the patient and their complete recovery.

Mr Anup Mathew - Oncology Treatment (ovarian cancer ) Review

My wife Elizabeth Mathew had been detected with ovarian cancer in February 2020, just before the start of the pandemic, Covid 19. Since then, she was admitted to Dr L H Hiranadani Hospital, Powai on several occasions for her treatment - for chemotherapy, for surgery and various other treatment. Unfortunate for us family members, on November 10th 2022 morning, she passed away from her earthly body and went to be with the Lord our God.

I would like to thank you, and all your team of doctors, nurses, technicians, pathologists, admin team members and various other contract workers involved in caregiving, catering services, housekeeping, security services etc. who helped us through this rather difficult phase in our life while she underwent treatment at the hospital. The doctors at the Hiranandani hospital who were primarily involved in her treatment included Dr Ashish Bakshi, Dr Anita Soni, Dr Deepak Chhabra, Dr Arpita, Dr Amol, Dr Prakash Shetty, Dr Sajith Babu, Dr Ruma & Dr Chinmaya. Of course there were several other doctors who were also involved in her treatment - at the ICU, Operation Theatre, pathology / laboratory, radiology department, blood bank, etc. who also helped us over the past 3 years. My family and I would like to thank everyone of you for all your kind support and medical advice provided for Elizabeth during this period.

The Nursing staff at the hospital who helped her included the Nursing Director Sister Valsa, Sister Sylvia, Sister Susi, Sister Bincy, Sister Sheela, Sister Sanjana, Sister Mona, Sister Seena, Snehal , Athira, Merly, Mareena, Jyotiben, Jeetu, Sisters in the Daycare, Sister Keziya, Anagha, Anusha, Jainy, as well as several other nurses in the ICU, OT, and nurses who attended the rooms on the 10th & 11th floor of the hospital, some of whom may have perhaps left the hospital since then. May God bless all of you for the noble work that everyone of you do to help take care of patients while they are ill and to restore them back to good health. My son Aaron, my other family members and I are very grateful to all of you for all that you and your team did for Elizabeth during this rather difficult period in our life.

In fact, Elizabeth also wanted me to convey her sincere thanks to everyone of you for all that you did for her. Regret not having sent this mail earlier.


Mr Subramanian Sarma - Executive Check up Department Review

I am Subramanian Sarma , Board Member of L & T and  had visited Hiranandani Hospital today for executive check up.

My experience with the entire process was very pleasant, the operation was efficiently managed , staff were very courteous, guiding us and navigating me through the system.

Overall a good experience.

Mr Sameer Mardikar - Neurology & Physiotherpay Treatment Review

My Mother Usha was admitted under care of Dr Nilesh Chaudhary for diagnosis stroke. Dr Nilesh explained us everything in detail. He was very calm & composed.He listened patiently to everything whatever we had to say including long history of neuro & other medical issues.

Thanks Dr Nilesh for your kind support. 

Dr Kadambari from the Physiotherapy department made my mother walk for the first time with the whole energy & enthusiasm. Every morning she use to wait for her to come & take the Physiotherapy session. Her positive attitude brought confidence in my mom. 

Too much of Blessings to You Both Dr Nilesh & Dr Kadambari

Dr. Kalidas & Ms Usha Kulkarni - Services Review

We appreciate the services provided by your employee Mr. Bhagat Singh during hospitalisation of our relative last week.

We wish him all the best!

Dr. Kalidas & Usha Kulkarni

Dr. Pooja Jadhav - Physiotherpay Review

Dr. Greeshma Shenoy is an extremely warm , attentive and a knowledgeable person.

She has been actively involved in the physical rehabilitation of my father, 

Mr. Mahendra Jadhav, post his Cardiac bypass surgery.

He is doing well and looks forward for his sessions at the hospital. He is recovering well and thanks to Dr. Greeshma's timely and apt observation we took better care.

She is a team worker and her coordination with external cardiologists have helped us immensely.

 Kudos to the rehab team and the department.

Mr Shekhar Raman

Experience was excellent right from the first call I made too book the appointment. Ms. Archana Bhalla - was very kind, polite, helpful, professional & patient ( i had to cancel like 3 appointments & rebook other dates) She was helpful throughout. Patience personified. Kudos to her!

Even day of the tests, everything was handled so professionally well....We would love to recommend more of our contacts from Africa looking for Medical services in India.

Well done Hiranandani Hospital team, Keep up the great work! Thank you for everything once again.

Dr Rao

To The CEO Of Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, My mother in law was admitted in the month of  December in your hospital,services of the hospital were very good. Proper care was taken by everyone in the hospital. Dr Nilesh Chaudhary (Neurologist) who guided well with all the treatment with extremely good response. Dr Kadambari (Physiotherapist) who use to come everyday morning with the smiling face & treat her with all the love and care.Nurses Staff,Maushi’s who took looked after her day & night.

Thanks to all of you. God bless you all. Hospital has amazing & professional staff.Cheers.

Ms Shrutika Malekar - Executive Health Checkup

Dear Suvarna,

I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by you as always.We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of accountability you have demonstrated on each visit of our employees.

You are the best!!!

Mr Vicky Singh - Dental Treatment

I visited Dr Vaishali for root canal and filling. I am someone who is afraid of needles however she did a fantastic job by making me aware about RCT procedure and I would say that RCT treatment was almost painless . She did everything appropriate to make sure that I am comfortable during RCT treatment.

Thanks for a great experience and painless treatment. If you are looking for good dentist I will recommend Dr Vaishali.

Mr Swaminathan - Executive Check up

The process was incredibly outstanding ,right from the time of reporting , filling up the forms and  your ( have to highlight Suvarna’s name as she was super efficient  ) commitment and dedication towards customer service is highly appreciated.  All your staff were very pleasing and have been supportive all the time .

Great work and would like you to continue with the same levels of outstanding service in caring the people health as your care and compassion makes a big difference.

Take care and stay safe .

Mr Rajesh Shinde - Neuro Physiotherpay Treatment

Dr Vidya Rao Karane, is a true architect of bringing patients back to life. From a paralysed patient two years back, Dr Vidya and her team transformed me so wonderfully that I am doing 2x10 kg dumbbells in the gym. She is a true angel for me and my family. As my story goes, I was admitted to Hiranandani hospital in Nov-2020 because of a stroke. Unable to balance, I was bed ridden with left side paralysis. Completely frustrated, I was deeply worried on my kid’s future, job, finances and all things in life. On the third day, Dr Vidya and her team started working on my exercises.

I was given confidence to try more and more and i was fully convinced that this team will bring me back to life. One by one, my limbs started functioning. In 3-4 weeks, I moved on from wheel chair to walker. In another 2-3 weeks, I moved on from walker to stick. And within 2 months I could walk without any support. Having been treated under Dr Vidya’s guidance for two years, now I am fully back into my day to day functions including driving. To build my strength and confidence further, I have joined gym package and exercising heavily.

I could overcome this life reducing challenge only because of Dr Vidya’s constantly evolving accurate diagnoses and treatment.

Mr Vinay Singh

I visited Hiranandani hospital for executive health check up, on 19th November. It would like to commend you for maintaining world class professional service and excellent infrastructure at the hospital.

Mr K Sanjay

It all started with me rushing to the “casualty”/“Emergency “ section with a request to send an ambulance for my son.The case was not a typical accident case but a bit more complex.For a brief moment they hesitated as they needed to understand what my request was. It took Dr Shivam Thakur less than 30 seconds to take the decision and he raised his hand and with a brief clap asked his team to take out the ambulance.What followed then and over next 24 days was probably a scene out of some epic film.By the time we arrived at the hospital,Dr Austin Fernandes was waiting for us and over next few hours and over next few weeks what was achieved was nothing short of a miracle. Each moment would remain etched in my mind forever.This world needs more such hero’s (Doctors) like Dr Austin Fernandes and Dr Shivam Thakur. 

A special thanks to Each and everyone at the casualty section who are probably the greatest team ever.Special thanks to the ICU team who did an amazing job.They are a real resilient lot and they went out of the way to handle the case.The ICU head,the  ICU doctors and the staff are doing an extremely difficult job and need to be saluted for their wonderful job. 

The team on the 10th floor is really special.The nurses are a great team.The security team who went beyond their call of duty are a wonderful lot.There are so many  from the security team that I will always be thankful for. 

A genuine thanks to Dr Jyoti too. There are many many more names who need to be mentioned and my apologies to them for not mentioning all name to reduce the length of this mail. I would like to salute you for running a hospital which in my mind is doing a great job in saving lives. And a genuine thanks to the trustee’s Mr Niranjan Hiranandani and Mr Surender Hiranandani for creating this wonderful hospital.  

I Would hope that more is done by the management to empower the Psychiatrist department which is doing such a wonderful job. Would be ever thankful to Dr Austin Fernandes who was there for us in our times of crisis. The mail may sound a bit excessive in praise to some , but for someone who got his son back from the brink , the contents of the mail can’t hope to fully describe my genuine feelings for your hospital.


Ms Priyanka Bawaskar

I want to thank Hiranandani Hospital Team from the heart for the very good help and care of my wife towards the treatment. We stayed for a good 3 days, got good food and also got good facilities, we come home well and my wife's white is very good. We would like to specially thank Mr. Dr. Ganesh Kumar sir and Mrs. Dr. Jyoti Pal ji & Mr Dingambar sir also who gave us very good advice and increased our confidence in grief. Thank you so much..

Mr Abhimanyu Das

Yesterday we visited Dr. Ahuja in LHHH. Last time we visited him in January, we had just started the therapies and we could not even make Aryaneel stand on the weighing machine as he was completely restless. Yesterday Aryaneel fully cooperated for the investigations and even allowed Dr. Ahuja to check his tongue. Felt really good to see the tremendous change in him. Express our sincere gratitude to you @⁨Snehal Deshpande⁩ @⁨Mihika⁩.

Ms Rishika Menon

As a mother, I also feel so much more at peace as we are seeing steady improvement in Atharva .. we owe to all you guys! Sleepless nights wondering whether he will roll over or crawl.. when we now see him meet those milestones, the peace is just beyond words! Thank you so much Dr Snehal, Dr Mitalee and Dr Mihika.

Mr Ramendra Gupta

My wife Dr Saroj Gupta suffered aneurysm on 21st Feb 2022. She was treated in the Hiranandani hospital Powai. With the efforts of the specialist doctors specially Dr Arpita Diweedi, Dr Nitin Jagdane and Dr Vidya Rao she recovered almost fully. Dr Arpita and her able staff looked after my wife in the ICU and helped her to recover. Dr Vidya Rao gave physiotherpy to my wife for almost 4 months and with Dr Rao’s efforts Saroj is mobile and walking with minimum support. Great efforts with dedication by Dr Rao and her team.

I am thankful to Dr Chattergee, his dedicated team of doctors and medical staff to help in recovery of my wife. Kudos to Dr Chatterjee and his dedicated team. 

Ms Usha Uttam Adate

I Mrs Usha Uttam Adate would like to put On record my few words appreciating the treatment, good Service given by the Hiranandani hospital. Specially physiotherapy sections After my knee replacement surgery in May 2022 ,I have taken treatment in Physio therapy section from end of May 2022 to Mid August 2022. Under good care of Dr.Nithya Menon. She has given Excellent treatment,personally attending ,guiding through all the sessions. She helped me a lot which resulted in speedy and excellent recovery of mine. I am thankful to her. 

Hiranandani hospital PHYSIO therapy section is having very useful innovative instruments which helps is speedy recovery Plus Dr’s,and other people who are working in this section are also very good and very helpful. Your X-Ray dept is also good. All People are very helpful. Overall my experience with Hiranandani Hospital is very nice.

Mr Aditya Kudalkar

I wish to appreciate the services provided by the Doctors and staff members during my father’s treatment (Pramod Kudalkar). The Carotid Stent surgery was successful and special thanks to Dr. Nishant Aditya and his team. Lastly, I want to thanks Mr. Digambar from Cathlab who assisted me at all the steps and checked personally if everything was well serviced.

Mr Aditya Kudalkar

I wish to appreciate the services provided by the Doctors and staff members during my father’s treatment (Pramod Kudalkar). The Carotid Stent surgery was successful and special thanks to Dr Nishant Aditya and his team. Lastly, I want to thanks Mr. Digambar from Cathlab who assisted me at all the steps and checked personally if everything was well serviced.

Evan Varkey - Dental Treatment

Dr Vaishali Prasad has been an excellent Orthodontist throughout my entire treatment. I had an RC procedure executed impeccably and she was certainly calm throughout the entire time. She was patient to explain the treatment in great detail and always looks out for you especially when you might be in pain. 10/10 would recommend.

Mr Veeraraghavan Iyer

This is Veeraraghavan Iyer and I had done a comprehensive health check up at your hospital on 20/08/2022.The staff was very co-operative and they made the entire process easy.

Madhusudan Gopalan - Procter & Gamble

This is to share positive feedback regarding our experience at your hospital. My son Yajat madhusudan was admitted for a day for a surgical procedure with Dr Abhijit Joshi. All doctors took very good care of our son. The nursing staff overall and in particular in the 12th floor were very helpful. Thanks once again.

Ms Smruti dash - Dental Treatment

I would highly recommend Dr Vaishali for Paediatric dentistry. We consulted her for our son's dental treatment. From the counseling of my son to start with the proceedings.. she did a great job in convincing him and gaining his confidence. Starting with extraction of tooth, scaling, brushing tutorials followed by use of first sitting with braces, all became regular routine for us. She was always approachable and available for troubleshooting our queries. She even took special care of our son's choice of colours for his braces and many a times she mended broken clips n parts with utmost care. Finally, the day came when she shifted my son from with braces to retainers. The whole process was smooth. Now even my son is more aware of dental hygiene and it's importance. Thank you again Dr Vaishali for the wonderful experience.

Ms Ashween Kaur

I visited Dr. Vaishali for my daughter's (4 yrs old) root canal and fillings. Initially we were very nervous on how will she react to any dental treatment. But doctor did a fantastic job in making her comfortable with her patient and caring gestures. My daughter is always excited to visit the doctor because of the 'space ship' that we refer to the dental chair. I highly recommend Dr. Vaishali. She is very much aware of the ways to handle a kid and that is a big plus point for the parents. Thank you Doctor.

Mr Mahalingasivam Yogavarathan

Dr. Vaishali from Hirandani hospital in Powai is an extraordinary dental doctor, I was so impressed with her skills and customer care. I went to fix a broken teeth in Mumbai since the teeth needed to be fixed before returning to Norway. I was so impressed that I fixed 3 teeth with root canal & 3M crowns nearly 8 years ago, still good as new . I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Vaishali in Mumbai.

Mr Ravi Shankar

It has indeed been an amazing experience with Immaculate surgical procedure and comprehensive treatment. We rarely come across doctors of such eminence like Dr Vaishali who are exceptional in their surgical expertise and at the same time are equally sensitive to patient apprehensions and anxieties. On the whole, a very satisfying experience.

Mr Mehjabeen Mohd wasim

I was extremely nervous about having my tooth removed, but my worrying was a waste of time. From the moment I entered, you and your team made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The whole experience was tremendously positive and painless, thank you for your incredible work, and compliment you on your skills and professionalism. I am very happy that I am getting my braces treatment done by you and I feel 100% more confident than before. Thank you very much. Dr. Vaishali, ma'am you are the most helpful and competent dentist I have ever met. Thank you for making everything so care-free and straightforward. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mr Suhas Kulkarni - Tata Projects

We sincerely thank you for all the support extended to our MD sir and Madam during today’s health check up. Both MD sir and Madam have conveyed thank you for excellent support. 

Ms Binu Balachandran

This is to appreciate the work done by Mrs Chitra and the entire pathology team of  Dr  L H Hiranandani Hospital , recently we visited the department for certain medical test and inspite of the work load and paper work the staff was very courteous and professional moreover the love and affection the gave to my daughter was really heart winning Keep up the good work. My best wishes to entire pathology team especially Mrs Chitra.

Ms Ritu Anand

My name is Mrs Ritu Anand, i had come for my blood test at your vein is very very thin.. because of which whiever i lab assistant i meet they really get very scared coz they are not able to trace my life only 4 people hv been able to take out and one of them is of your hospital pathology dept CHITRA SHIRKE..she was excellent, quick and did not take time to trace my vein and take out my blood..she was very good

Mr Kishor Shetty

My mom (Sarojini Shetty) was recently admitted in you hospital Dr. L.H.Hiranandani hospital Powai for a foot infection on 25th October 2021 and discharged on 26th October 2021.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the front desk staff who made the admission process seamless.  Special thanks to Edwin George who assisted us in the end to end process. From getting the right doctor to completing the admission process.  He explained all the details in simple terms and was there till the very

Ms Rukmini Dubey

I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude for the treatment received by me for ' Prolapse of uterus Grade III' in your hospital from Sepember 2021 till date.

Also, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Vanita S. Raut for restoring my health with her excellent approach and compassion!

Mr Rajasree Dash

I want to thank few personnel who made my visit to Hiranandani Hospital very comfortable.
I visited Hiranandani Hospital on the 30th of March 2022 and a hair line fracture on my left foot was detected. While Dr Deepak Mishra was very thorough and courteous, Dr Kalpit and Mr Deepak Saroj (Pharmacy) made my experience a noteworthy one.
Unfortunately, I was alone and did not have any one who could do the general running around. Both Dr Kalpit and Mr Deepak Saroj took note of this on their own, noticed my discomfort & pain and went beyond their call of duty to ensure that my movements are minimal, and ensured that all formalities and transactions are carried out without causing me any additional inconvenience. Dr Kalpit spoke on my behalf and arranged for the Boot that was prescribed and both he and Mr Saroj ensured that the fit was perfect. Dr Kalpit even explained how to use the boot.
They stayed by my side giving me the reassurance that I needed at that time.
Mr Saroj also efficiently ensured that the billing process was smooth and no needless physical strain was caused to me.
A big thank you to both of them!

Mr Aloha

I wanted to let you know that I was so impressed with the wonderful job that Edwin did in helping me throughout my day doing the Executive Health Check. He was professional, thoughtful, knowledgeable and extremely attentive the whole day. We also had some great talks. His gracious and charismatic manner are totally suited for this kind of field.

Mr Balachandran

Just want to formally say thanks to Zoya (Shehzadi Khan) for taking care of my diabetic medicine requirement.  Since the stock was not available she has to coordinate  and got it procured for me.

The attitude she displayed during the entire process was commendable. Thanks again


Dr N Matambo - Harare, Zimbabwe

Thank you so much for taking so much good care of me during my visit for my medical check up. Everything was really smooth from the time I arrived at the airport until I left Mumbai. The treatment was awesome. I have never been treated so well in my life and you honestly took a special place in my heart. Special mention to Dr Sujit Chatterjee for taking his time to meet me and for his breathtaking kindness. I also want to mention Archana for organizing this awesome trip for me. Awesome awesome. Last but not least, Edwin- what a guy!!!! We connected like we knew each other for ages.

Thank you Dr Hiranandani hospital and stuff. Everyone was so knowledgeable and I loved it.

Mr Sunil Yadav

Hello, I want to pass on my gratitude to Edwin George for his assistance during my executive health check up on Wednesday, 2nd of March. He was cheerful, showered warmth, and ensured I had a pleasant experience during the entire duration. Thank you so much once again, Edwin!

Mrs. Nilima Sharma

Dr. Vidya Rao Karane!

The Good Physiotherapist!!

Initially I was hesitant to visit a Physiotherapist, however, my doubts were resolved by her courteous nature and reassuring attitude, She was very positive in her approach and this won my confidence, I was very apprehensive when my Neurologist diagnosed me with Parkinson's disease. I had witnessed people afflicted with this ailment struggling to lead a normal life.I am highly appreciative of her for her services and support. She made the monotonous sessions into an enjoyable one.

Thank you very much Vidya! God bless!

Mr Shawn Lonen

My brother had undergone aneurysm Treatment at your Cath Lab centre.
We had a peaceful experience during those Torrid times and appreciate the efforts of Dr. Nishant Aditya.
We would also like to thank the Cath Lab Team of Digambar for their support provided to us during the procedure.

Mr Bhaskar Dutta

I wanted to leave a feedback for Edwin Fernandez. He is a customer care rep in your Hospital. He went above and beyond to help us navigate, and gave us a very positive experience.
Thanks and I wish him all the best
Patient : Deepak Dutta
doctor: Vimal Pahuja
bed no: 521-1

Mr Rajasree Dash

I want to thank few personnel who made my visit to Hiranandani Hospital very comfortable.
I visited Hiranandani Hospital on the 30th of March 2022 and a hair line fracture on my left foot was detected. While Dr Deepak Mishra was very thorough and courteous, Dr Kalpit and Mr Deepak Saroj (Pharmacy) made my experience a noteworthy one.
Unfortunately, I was alone and did not have any one who could do the general running around. Both Dr Kalpit and Mr Deepak Saroj took note of this on their own, noticed my discomfort & pain and went beyond their call of duty to ensure that my movements are minimal, and ensured that all formalities and transactions are carried out without causing me any additional inconvenience.
Dr Kalpit spoke on my behalf and arranged for the Boot that was prescribed and both he and Mr Saroj ensured that the fit was perfect. Dr Kalpit even explained how to use the boot.
They stayed by my side giving me the reassurance that I needed at that time.
Mr Saroj also efficiently ensured that the billing process was smooth and no needless physical strain was caused to me.
A big thank you to both of them!
God Bless!

Mr Anselm Caldeiro

Our relation patient ANSELM CALDEIRO room 515 /1009 from 5Feb to 20feb 2022 received SUPER WELCOME at your Hospital by Edwin George and SUPERB COORDINATION from Archana Bhalla by handling his overseas insurance right upto the time of his departure at 10pm from the hospital. Sunday was her day off but she coordinated everything with the overseas handlers . She took it personally with so much care and the tense patient left with a peaceful mind.
Thank you to both, super caring staff.
Special Thanks to a Super Doctor Austin Fernandes who patiently handled all queries .
We will recommend your hospital to all who need the superb treatment you offer.

Mr. Jalil Shaikh


I would personally like to Thank Mr. Edwin George for his exceptional service towards my dad, Mr. Jalil Shaikh who got admitted in Room: 1008 on 02 Sep'21.

He was very helpful and made our admission process very comfortable. He showed lots of empathy and was very good at issue resolution. At times he also went out of his way to provide assistance. His counselling made my Dad feel relaxed and he was like a son to him until the end of the treatment. I must admit that it's a blessing to have people like Edwin in any team.

The other team members were also helpful.

Thanking you All from the bottom of my Heart.

Mr Jay B Ghosal

It was really a very good experience during my hospitalization in Hiranandani hospital powai from 28th to 30th September 21. The entire staff was very helpful and cooperative. I will definitely share this experience with my acquaintances.

Mr Hashir (B/O. Shafaq)

Whilst, this email is to express our sincere gratitude, also refers to and recommends Dr Gautam Agarwal as one of the prominent pediatric surgeons in the city.

We were privileged to have precise, rational and yet easy to understand guidance from Dr Gautam throughout the process to have our 40 day-old child treated for PUV.

Thanking you and sincerely,

Mr James Lisa and Jacob Hogan

We recently travelled to Mumbai with our 9 year old son who was born via gestational surrogate on 18th Feb 2011.

We have always told our son that he was born in India and he is so special to us.

We took the opportunity to see Dr Soni and despite her hectic schedule of appointments she was happy to meet with us and Jacob. I would be very happy if you could please pass this photo onto Dr Soni. My husband and I were very overwhelmed during our visit with emotion and I felt I didn't express enough my absolute gratitude and love for Dr helping us bring our precious boy to us. We are of course eternally grateful for our surrogate Mrs Aluminissa Siddique. Thankyou to everyone in your beautiful country for fulfilling our dreams of parenthood. Jacob turns 9 today. God bless you all you have completed our lives.

Mr Laila Suvarna

This email to send an appreciation note for Dr. Pradeep Singh for all his efforts and expertise to operate on my sister in law when she was admitted in a very critical state. All thanks to him that she is surviving today. Heartfelt thanks from me and my family.

Mujahid Patel

My Father in Law Noormahamad Desai undergone Lumber Decompression Spine Surgery by Dr Pradeep Kumar Singh Sir & Dr. Amit Sir before 4 Months Earlier he cannot walk and was in severe pain in legs and Spine.

Now My Father in Law can walk without Walker and there is no any pain in legs and Spine .

Thanks to Dr Pradeep Kumar Singh & Dr Amit and other team who gave a new life to my Father in law by doing a successful Operation .

The Doctors the Staff and management of Hiranandani Hospital is very nice & co-operative & once again Thanking you All .

The Hospital is highly recommended to the patient's definately you are in safe hands .

Good bless you Sir & Team .

Ms Charlotte Almeida

I would like to share my experience at the post covid clinic at L.H Hiranandai Hospital and our gratitude toward Dr shalini Sularkar and the team of Doctors at the post covid clinic.

My dad age 70 years was diagnosed with covid and was admitted at the hospital . His lungs had been infected badly he also had a pre existing condition of heart disease and diabetes. After he was discharged we were advised to visit the post covid clinic .

We were apprehensive about visiting the hospital because of all the stigma attached around covid and the risk of a secondary infection. We asked for an online consultation and they obliged. During the online consultation we realized that it didn't really help us due to the limitations of online consultation.

The Doctor assured us that the other patients cannot infect us as they are all there post recovery and the hospital takes all necessary precautions needed.

Our experience at the clinic was very pleasant its was not crowded - there were no more than 3 patients in then waiting area. They make you fill a detailed questionnaire to assess your physical and mental condition. The doctor is very knowledgeable and very observent and provide the best possible treatment for my father. What I liked most was they not only concentrated on post covid treatment but also gave equal importance to the treatment of his heart and diabetes.

After care is very important for all the havoc covid wreaks. Very simply put if you have a problem with your car you take it to the mechanic and not a plumber. So I would urge every one who has covid to get the right treatment from the right doctor at the right time.

Mr A.Thomas family

On behalf of our family, would like to THANK, Finlay Jacob,Sumitra,Vishal and Ayub for doing an excellent job in the Dialysis department. They have and are doing exemplary work.

Even though many a times few patients (at times his own colleagues) lose their temper or get irritated, Finlay and his team remain calm,focused to give the best possible treatment at what is at hand.

Thank you Dr. Chatterjee for having an excellent staff as in, Finally. He truly is a good leader,worker and a teacher (have seen him guiding his colleagues)

Finally, Sumitra, Vishal and Ayub, God bless you and thank you once again for your excellent service

Mr Harshad Sabkhe

Please find my feedback for Dr. Aditya Sai and Mr. Edwin.

I went through a surgery for elbow arthrolysis and ulnar nerve transposition and was admitted for 2 days from 28th May 21 to 30th May 21. My experience with hospital was excellent. All support staff was caring and helpful. They all were humble and responsive. I would be failing in my job if I would not be appreciating the nurses and ward boys who took my care like family member. Also food quality was the best. Overall 5 rating for the hospital in the hospitality. It is said that first impression is the last impression. In my first visit to hospital which a weeks back surgery , I met the guy Mr. Edwyn , who was a true gentleman and a supportive resource. He was really good in relationship management. Besides, his busy schedule he gave me all the useful information about doctors and hospital. He not only took the details of my injury but also directed me to choose the right doctor for my elbow problem. He assured that he will help me throughout till I will be recovered. So it was like a sense of caring and I felt like some family memeber is there to take care of me. He was very much supportive in arranging appointments with Dr. Aditya. I will never forget that this guy came to see me in my room after my surgery like a family member. Also he informed the staff to take extra care of me.and that really won my heart. Really hats off to Hiranandani hospital management that they created such a gem resources. Best of luck to Mr. Edwyn foe his future endeavours.

My experience with Dr. Aditya Sai and Dr Dhirav was amazing. I felt that both were very much interested in my physical and mental comfort. Everything was well explained. I never was made to feel that caring for me was a burden. I think Dr. Aditya with his rich experience due to oversea fellowships , is one of the best hand surgeon in Mumbai. He was very polite, knowledgeable and confident what he does. I had no reluctance to ask for what I needed. On top of that my medical outcome is great so far! I would recommend Hiranandani Hospital and Dr. Aditya Sai to anyone who needs this procedure.

Ms Velsi Miranda Jadhav - Gynecology, IVF, Nursing, PRO & Pharmacy Review

This is for Thanks and Appreciations for My wife (Velsi Miranda Jadhav) pregnancy treatment in Month Of May 2021.
I like to deep thankful to the hospital for the good and efficient treatment and care taken
I would want to specially thank to Dr. Rakhee Sahoo who give us very nice treatment and explain the everything very neat and proper as we understand correct things time to time on each visit we had, and my baby and wife was very safe in her hand, "Thank you, Dr. Rakhee madam, for the everything you did for us"
Also want to special thanks to Dr. Hetal Parekh who give us the positiveness from beginning when was treatment for but we lost our hopes of parenthood many times but madam given very nice and best treatment which was possible and applicable.
Later in middle of for some reason we stopped the treatment, that time also Doctor was with us and told us "it will happen soon don't worry and whenever you want i will be here for you",
Now, after a year’s also she was very, very happy for us for our natural pregnancy news and again we started the startings of pregnancy visit's with Dr. Hetal as she was giving good treatments and explain was also nice and also as we feels very safe with her for my baby & Wife "Thank you, Dr. Hetal madam, for the everything you did for us"
We would like to appreciate the Hospital staff, Pharmacy, the nurses and Mavshi, House-Keeping staff for their relentless efforts and helps, thank you very much all of you
Last but not the least, We like to appreciate and thanks to the Mrs. Vedika Sawardekar from Pharmacy who recommended this hospital to us for the IVF treatment and also for delivery too
Thanks for the big role of Hiranandani Hospital for our parenthood, parenthood for us is the best gift of the GOD..
Thanks to everyone who was helping us directly indirectly
Thank you, thank you, thank you !

Mr Viraj Ved

Dear Dr. Snehal,
We would like to thank Dr. Kanishka & Dr. Umaira for all the efforts they have put in for Vraj. They are nothing short of a blessing and Vraj is very lucky to have them as their therapist.
Both the doctors are very energetic, lively, and passionate about their work.
Dr. Kanishka has very creative ways to get desired things done by kids. Dr. Umaira is a very loving and elder sister to Vraj in disciplining him. This has made sure that Vraj learned everything in a fun way.
We are happy with Vrajs' progress and certainly would recommend it to parents we come across.
Lastly, we would also like to thank you for your valuable guidance and overview of Vrajs' progress.

Mr Ravinder Kapur

My father, Mr. Surinder Singh Kapur, was admitted to Hiranandani Hospital with covid on 21 April 2021. He was in the hospital for 10 days and passed away from pneumonia and other complications in the early hours of 2 May 2021.
My wife and I wish to place on record our sincere appreciation and thanks for the high degree of care and medical attention that he received in his last days.
We are especially grateful to Dr. Pahuja, Dr. Swapnil Mehta, Dr. Mahima Bhaskar, Dr. Garima, and Dr. Priyanka Mehta (in the ICU). Of course, there are innumerable other doctors, nurses, and staff who worked tirelessly and cheerfully to help my father.

Ms Parveen Qureshi

I Parveen Qureshi ,mother of Mahi Qureshi taking therapy at the centre, wants to appreciate the good work done by the therapist at the centre with all precautions and dedication without any obstacles in sessions in this hard time of pandemic.Because of which my child is getting the benefit of therapy In a positive and effective manner. Thanking all especially Dr. Snehal and Dr. Mihika for taking care of my Mahi.

Mr Amjadkhan pathan

Good afternoon, at the outset we would like to thank the entire team, Dr Snehal Deshpande, Dr Kanishka, Dr umera and the entire staff, for your support
Last year, when we had visited you, we were in lot of distress about our daughter who had just turned two, and we both us Doctors got worried about her as she was showing some symptoms of autism, on top of that there was a lockdown and most of occupational therapist had either stopped there session or shifted to online sessions
I was not happy with online sessions, as my daughter already was kind of addicted to screen
In this difficult time, your team came as a blessing, as you continued your sessions at Hiranandani, even risking your safety for kids benefit, i deeply appreciate that and am very thankful
Ever since we started our sessions she has improved significantly, and not once she refuses to go to session, speaks highly about the skills of your team,
After every session there are critical observations and feedback, which helps us to manage Anaya better at home
I am so impressed with the activities that you do with Anaya, that I feel even normal children should have such structured play learning
We both are doctors and before this we thought we knew so much about medicine, but this journey taught us we knew so little and so much more needed to be done for kids in society
Keep up the good work and thanks

Ms Chetna Joshi

On my arrival early morning today at Hiranandani Hospital I was assisted by Mr. Edwin George in my health care routine check up. 

Thanks to him I had a smooth sailing right from the word go. There were no hiccups at any given time during my time there and everything worked clock work. 

I am extremely grateful to Mr. Edwin for expediting the entire process with efficient ease. 


Needless to say I am back home happy and more than satisfied with Mr. Edwin’s services. 

He is courteous, polite, efficient and gentle in all his communications. He is a valuable asset to the Hospital. I wish him all the best in his personal and professional life ahead. 

Mr Abhijit Lonkar - WNS Global Services

Thank you very much for facilitating booster dose vaccination for our senior management.

All the arrangements were perfect and we had excellent support of Mr. Edwin and all the staff who made it a very comfortable and smooth experience.

Mr Mahesh Kadam

No words are enough to convey my gratitude and thanks to Dr. Hetal Parekh, Just to give a short background I Mahesh Kadam & my wife before visiting Hiranandani hospital for Infertility treatment had visited almost all the Top hospitals in Mumbai and outside for 15 long years and now are proud parent of Baby Boy only because of Dr. Hetal Parkh and Hiranandani Hospital. 

As explained earlier I had vised all the Top doctors of Mumbai but what made this miracle happen according to me every body gave Treatment, medicine but Dr Hetal is the one who makes the patient feel positive, personalizes each patient requirement. I would say she is "Doctor and More"  wo looks to help patient so that they get best treatment and fulfill there dreams.  

Once again Thankyou Dr. Hetal Parekh and Hiranadani Hospital you made my life beautiful and and completed my family. 

Ms Yogita Majgaonkar

We were meet last year to Dr.  Hetal parikh of Dr.  L. H. Hiranandani hospital,  powai,  for conceiving a baby via one of our friend Manisha Pal who is working there as HR.
And found a supportive doctor with positive mind. She gave us good decisions and treatment and because of this I conceive last year and this May 19 we bless with baby, We were trying for baby since last 14 year and other doctors suggest us go for adoption. But Dr.  Hetal Parikh give us positive decision.
She is very friendly and caring with her patients.

Mr B.Anand - Chairman , Just Dial Limited

Self and my wife Jennifer Anand had our Platinum Annual health check up yesterday at Hiranandi hospital.

First my compliments for a well thought out comprehensive package and our gratitude to all the technicians , staff and doctors who did a very professional job as always in diagnosing us with sincerity and smile. 

In particular, our deepest gratitude to Edwin George who outclassed himself as our concierge. As a corporate CXO I am pretty used to Conceirge Service , but Edwin demonstrated an unique ability to communicate across topics whilst promoting the hospital , it’s virtues and equally keeping us engaged with intelligent conversations during our waiting time . He ensured his presence and assistance wherever required and made us truly feel like a VIP without  bringing any inconvenience to the process or other patients. 

We have been Hiranandani’s patrons for over a decade and yesterday was one of the smoothest process we experienced. 

Thanks again to the whole team

Ms Suparna Gupta

A lovely initiative by Hiranandani Hospital for the elder care. The lady doctor was professional in her approach while dealing with our mother. The support staff was at the entrance and ushered the patient to the center in a wheel chair. The nurses checked all the parameters

Ms Biju Kutty

I wish to provide some positive feedback on the care provided to Prema Gopalakrishanan ( MR220008239) by your home care team.
Ever since the CABG procedure done in the hospital in April 2022, we have been using the services of Hiranandani Home care nursing team to attend to the Manual dressings.

I am taking the opportunity to commend the exceptional service & professionalism demonstrated by the nursing staff. Specialist Doctors at Holy spirit hospital have commended the quality of dressing done by the Hiranandani team during our visits to the hospital for post operation specialist consulting (We have been visiting Holy spirit hospital for some Wound healing consulting with the skin doctors there and been using the manual dressing off and on together with vaccum dressing.)

I am sure there are a lot of people that make this possible, but listing out names of some Nursing staff like Ms.Sanjana, Ms.Sumi & team. I should not forget the support provided by the Help staff who accompanies the nurse during each visit.

Biju Kutty - on behalf of  patient Mrs.Prema Gopalakrishnan

Mr Derek Shah - Senior Vice President , Larsen and Toubro

I would like to convey my deepest appreciation to the excellent support provided by Hiranandani Hospital - Executive Health care department.

I would like to make a special mention of Mr Edwin George who as assigned as a special support during my health check up .

I was given full attention , provided all care and support, given quick access to the doctors and testing facilities .

I was also provided the addition guidance when I chose to take up additional tests which were beyond the executive health package .

I wish Hirandani Hospital the best for their excellent services they provide and also that they make available such able managers like Edwin George so that more and more persons / patients benefit from the hospital services.

Ms Meenakshi Mulge - Blood Bank Department Review

My father, Jaykant Mulge has been admitted at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital since 4th Jan for Bone Marrow Transplant.  

As the patient needs platelets post procedure, I was informed and very well supported by Shreya from the blood bank team in order to prep for the same in advance. I wanted to share some feedback for her as I hope every staff at Hiranandani and across the medical industry is as emphatic and compassionate as she is. 

She was very good with her work! It’s so good to meet people like her in the medical domain as families are already going through tough times people like her make it a little less painful.  

Great great job Shreya.


Dr Atull Dua - Gynec Surgery, TPA, Nursing & Hospital Assistance Team Review

This is in reference to the hospitalisation of my spouse Mrs Neeraj Dua on 3/1/2024 and from 11/1/24 to 15/1/24 under Dr Anita Soni for a hysteroscopy with Gynaec DnC followed by a Vaginal Hysterectomy with Node Clearance.

Though we were taken aback with the sudden prospect of a huge operation we were very admirably supported in all our paperwork and cashless claims by Mr Niteen Pahurkar and the entire office and TPA staff.It took long hours for the cashless claims to pass but they were highly supportive and encouraging at a time when we were not confident of the processes and the results of the claim.

The doctors and nurses were silently confident and this gave us hope and confidence in the treatment.

I would like to thank all of them at Hiranandani hospital.Our days which could have been a nightmare passed away like a dream.