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Patient's Voice

Mr Swaminathan

I sincerely thank Mr Edwin for being with me and  ensuring  all the necessary tests as part of  our organisation’s annual health checks are done seamlessly.The process was incredibly outstanding ,right from the time of reporting , filling up the forms and  your ( have to highlight Suvarna’s name as she was super efficient  ) commitment and dedication towards customer service is highly appreciated.  All your staff were very pleasing and have been supportive all the time .

Great work and would like you to continue with the same levels of outstanding service in caring the people health as your care and compassion makes a big difference.

Take care and stay safe .

Mr Rajesh Shinde

Dr Vidya Rao Karane, Head of Physiotherapy, is a true architect of bringing patients back to life. From a paralysed patient two years back, Dr Vidya and her team transformed me so wonderfully that I am doing 2x10 kg dumbbells in the gym. She is a true angel for me and my family. As my story goes, I was admitted to Hiranandani hospital in Nov-2020 because of a stroke. Unable to balance, I was bed ridden with left side paralysis. Completely frustrated, I was deeply worried on my kid’s future, job, finances and all things in life. On the third day, Dr Vidya and her team started working on my exercises.

I was given confidence to try more and more and i was fully convinced that this team will bring me back to life. One by one, my limbs started functioning. In 3-4 weeks, I moved on from wheel chair to walker. In another 2-3 weeks, I moved on from walker to stick. And within 2 months I could walk without any support. Having been treated under Dr Vidya’s guidance for two years, now I am fully back into my day to day functions including driving. To build my strength and confidence further, I have joined gym package and exercising heavily.

I could overcome this life reducing challenge only because of Dr Vidya’s constantly evolving accurate diagnoses and treatment.

Mr Vinay Singh

I visited Hiranandani hospital for executive health check up, on 19th November. It would like to commend you for maintaining world class professional service and excellent infrastructure at the hospital. My special thanks to Mr. Edwin George who attended to me during the day. He is very people friendly person whose dedication to service is commendable.

Ms Rajashree

I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr Kashmira Chavan. I met her on the 12th of Nov. What was remarkable was after expressing that I have experienced panic attacks in the past, she took time during and post the process to allay my fears and boost my confidence . I left her cabin feeling better as a person. A big thank you for the Human touch!

Mr K Sanjay

It all started with me rushing to the “casualty”/“Emergency “ section with a request to send an ambulance for my son.The case was not a typical accident case but a bit more complex.For a brief moment they hesitated as they needed to understand what my request was. It took Dr Shivam Thakur less than 30 seconds to take the decision and he raised his hand and with a brief clap asked his team to take out the ambulance.What followed then and over next 24 days was probably a scene out of some epic film.By the time we arrived at the hospital,Dr Austin Fernandes was waiting for us and over next few hours and over next few weeks what was achieved was nothing short of a miracle. Each moment would remain etched in my mind forever.This world needs more such hero’s (Doctors) like Dr Austin Fernandes and Dr Shivam Thakur. 

A special thanks to Each and everyone at the casualty section who are probably the greatest team ever.Special thanks to the ICU team who did an amazing job.They are a real resilient lot and they went out of the way to handle the case.The ICU head,the  ICU doctors and the staff are doing an extremely difficult job and need to be saluted for their wonderful job. 

The team on the 10th floor is really special.The nurses are a great team.The security team who went beyond their call of duty are a wonderful lot.There are so many  from the security team that I will always be thankful for. 

A genuine thanks to Dr Jyoti too. There are many many more names who need to be mentioned and my apologies to them for not mentioning all name to reduce the length of this mail. I would like to salute you for running a hospital which in my mind is doing a great job in saving lives. And a genuine thanks to the trustee’s Mr Niranjan Hiranandani and Mr Surender Hiranandani for creating this wonderful hospital.  

I Would hope that more is done by the management to empower the Psychiatrist department which is doing such a wonderful job. Would be ever thankful to Dr Austin Fernandes who was there for us in our times of crisis. The mail may sound a bit excessive in praise to some , but for someone who got his son back from the brink , the contents of the mail can’t hope to fully describe my genuine feelings for your hospital.


Dr Geetha Subramanian

I got operated at Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, for a brain tumour,  on 8th of September, and I must say, I got excellent treatment for the same. Surgeon Dr Sachin Giri, Neuro Surgeon, is simply awesome. So also Your ICU Dept headed by Dr Arpita Dwivedy, Anasthesia headed by Dr Ujjwalraj, Gynec Dept Dr Vanita Raut,  and all your support staff, Dietetics, Physiotherapy.

Being a medical doctor myself (am  a Senior Pathologist) , I  know how difficult it is to maintain such high standards.Kudos to you and entire Team Hiranandani. Now am still recuperating from my major surgery, and am doing very well, huge thanks to. Dr Sachin Giri for his very valuable postoperative care and excellent guidance.   He had performed a marathon surgery on me for a very vascular brain tumour;  surgery lasted for an incredible 23 hours!  And i have absolutely no postoperative sequelae / problems! Dr Arpita Dwivedy heads an excellent ICU and she and her team of doctors and nurses, along with support staff, make us feel at home; very efficient and caring. Dr Ujjwalraj, heads a superb team of anasthesiologists and he provided excellent support during my marathon surgery. Dr Vanita Raut, an excellent Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, is extremely caring and efficient, as always.

Special mention about your support staff, all of whom are excellent, very dedicated; notable amongst them Sonamol is simply awesome, so also Arya and Reshma are very good, Nurse Kranti also attended on me for a short time, good. ICU nurses are excellent, Jestina, Simi, Payal (very sincere), Nilam, Mariya. 

Sorry, i don't know all their names. Casualty Doctor on call when i was admitted was Dr Nikhil i think, very efficient and caring

Ms Priyanka Bawaskar

I want to thank Hiranandani Hospital Team from the heart for the very good help and care of my wife towards the treatment. We stayed for a good 3 days, got good food and also got good facilities, we come home well and my wife's white is very good. We would like to specially thank Mr. Dr. Ganesh Kumar sir and Mrs. Dr. Jyoti Pal ji & Mr Dingambar sir also who gave us very good advice and increased our confidence in grief. Thank you so much..

Ms Rishika Menon

As a mother, I also feel so much more at peace as we are seeing steady improvement in Atharva .. we owe to all you guys! Sleepless nights wondering whether he will roll over or crawl.. when we now see him meet those milestones, the peace is just beyond words! Thank you so much Dr Snehal, Dr Mitalee and Dr Mihika.

Mr Abhimanyu Das

Yesterday we visited Dr. Ahuja in LHHH. Last time we visited him in January, we had just started the therapies and we could not even make Aryaneel stand on the weighing machine as he was completely restless. Yesterday Aryaneel fully cooperated for the investigations and even allowed Dr. Ahuja to check his tongue. Felt really good to see the tremendous change in him. Express our sincere gratitude to you @⁨Snehal Deshpande⁩ @⁨Mihika⁩.

Mr Ramendra Gupta

My wife Dr Saroj Gupta suffered aneurysm on 21st Feb 2022. She was treated in the Hiranandani hospital Powai. With the efforts of the specialist doctors specially Dr Arpita Diweedi, Dr Nitin Jagdane and Dr Vidya Rao she recovered almost fully. Dr Arpita and her able staff looked after my wife in the ICU and helped her to recover. Dr Vidya Rao gave physiotherpy to my wife for almost 4 months and with Dr Rao’s efforts Saroj is mobile and walking with minimum support. Great efforts with dedication by Dr Rao and her team.

I am thankful to Dr Chattergee, his dedicated team of doctors and medical staff to help in recovery of my wife. Kudos to Dr Chatterjee and his dedicated team. 

Mr Aditya Kudalkar

I wish to appreciate the services provided by the Doctors and staff members during my father’s treatment (Pramod Kudalkar). The Carotid Stent surgery was successful and special thanks to Dr. Nishant Aditya and his team. Lastly, I want to thanks Mr. Digambar from Cathlab who assisted me at all the steps and checked personally if everything was well serviced.

Ms Usha Uttam Adate

I Mrs Usha Uttam Adate would like to put On record my few words appreciating the treatment, good Service given by the Hiranandani hospital. Specially physiotherapy sections After my knee replacement surgery in May 2022 ,I have taken treatment in Physio therapy section from end of May 2022 to Mid August 2022. Under good care of Dr.Nithya Menon. She has given Excellent treatment,personally attending ,guiding through all the sessions. She helped me a lot which resulted in speedy and excellent recovery of mine. I am thankful to her. 

Hiranandani hospital PHYSIO therapy section is having very useful innovative instruments which helps is speedy recovery Plus Dr’s,and other people who are working in this section are also very good and very helpful. Your X-Ray dept is also good. All People are very helpful. Overall my experience with Hiranandani Hospital is very nice.

Mr Veeraraghavan Iyer

This is Veeraraghavan Iyer and I had done a comprehensive health check up at your hospital on 20/08/2022.The staff was very co-operative and they made the entire process easy. Would like to really appreciate the work of Edwin for his exemplary service and concern for the patient.Edwin was very helpful and made us at ease during the entire process.

Mr Aditya Kudalkar

I wish to appreciate the services provided by the Doctors and staff members during my father’s treatment (Pramod Kudalkar). The Carotid Stent surgery was successful and special thanks to Dr Nishant Aditya and his team. Lastly, I want to thanks Mr. Digambar from Cathlab who assisted me at all the steps and checked personally if everything was well serviced.

Mr Derek Shah - Senior Vice President , Larsen and Toubro

I would like to convey my deepest appreciation to the excellent support provided by Hiranandani Hospital - Executive Health care department.

I would like to make a special mention of Mr Edwin George who as assigned as a special support during my health check up .

I was given full attention , provided all care and support, given quick access to the doctors and testing facilities .

I was also provided the addition guidance when I chose to take up additional tests which were beyond the executive health package .

I wish Hirandani Hospital the best for their excellent services they provide and also that they make available such able managers like Edwin George so that more and more persons / patients benefit from the hospital services.

Ms Biju Kutty

I wish to provide some positive feedback on the care provided to Prema Gopalakrishanan ( MR220008239) by your home care team.
Ever since the CABG procedure done in the hospital in April 2022, we have been using the services of Hiranandani Home care nursing team to attend to the Manual dressings.

I am taking the opportunity to commend the exceptional service & professionalism demonstrated by the nursing staff. Specialist Doctors at Holy spirit hospital have commended the quality of dressing done by the Hiranandani team during our visits to the hospital for post operation specialist consulting (We have been visiting Holy spirit hospital for some Wound healing consulting with the skin doctors there and been using the manual dressing off and on together with vaccum dressing.)

I am sure there are a lot of people that make this possible, but listing out names of some Nursing staff like Ms.Sanjana, Ms.Sumi & team. I should not forget the support provided by the Help staff who accompanies the nurse during each visit.

Biju Kutty - on behalf of  patient Mrs.Prema Gopalakrishnan

Ms Suparna Gupta

A lovely initiative by Hiranandani Hospital for the elder care. The lady doctor was professional in her approach while dealing with our mother. The support staff was at the entrance and ushered the patient to the center in a wheel chair. The nurses checked all the parameters

Mr B.Anand - Chairman , Just Dial Limited

Self and my wife Jennifer Anand had our Platinum Annual health check up yesterday at Hiranandi hospital.

First my compliments for a well thought out comprehensive package and our gratitude to all the technicians , staff and doctors who did a very professional job as always in diagnosing us with sincerity and smile. 

In particular, our deepest gratitude to Edwin George who outclassed himself as our concierge. As a corporate CXO I am pretty used to Conceirge Service , but Edwin demonstrated an unique ability to communicate across topics whilst promoting the hospital , it’s virtues and equally keeping us engaged with intelligent conversations during our waiting time . He ensured his presence and assistance wherever required and made us truly feel like a VIP without  bringing any inconvenience to the process or other patients. 

We have been Hiranandani’s patrons for over a decade and yesterday was one of the smoothest process we experienced. 

Thanks again to the whole team

Ms Yogita Majgaonkar

We were meet last year to Dr.  Hetal parikh of Dr.  L. H. Hiranandani hospital,  powai,  for conceiving a baby via one of our friend Manisha Pal who is working there as HR.
And found a supportive doctor with positive mind. She gave us good decisions and treatment and because of this I conceive last year and this May 19 we bless with baby, We were trying for baby since last 14 year and other doctors suggest us go for adoption. But Dr.  Hetal Parikh give us positive decision.
She is very friendly and caring with her patients.

Mr Mahesh Kadam

No words are enough to convey my gratitude and thanks to Dr. Hetal Parekh, Just to give a short background I Mahesh Kadam & my wife before visiting Hiranandani hospital for Infertility treatment had visited almost all the Top hospitals in Mumbai and outside for 15 long years and now are proud parent of Baby Boy only because of Dr. Hetal Parkh and Hiranandani Hospital. 

As explained earlier I had vised all the Top doctors of Mumbai but what made this miracle happen according to me every body gave Treatment, medicine but Dr Hetal is the one who makes the patient feel positive, personalizes each patient requirement. I would say she is "Doctor and More"  wo looks to help patient so that they get best treatment and fulfill there dreams.  

Once again Thankyou Dr. Hetal Parekh and Hiranadani Hospital you made my life beautiful and and completed my family. 

Mr Abhijit Lonkar - WNS Global Services

Thank you very much for facilitating booster dose vaccination for our senior management.

All the arrangements were perfect and we had excellent support of Mr. Edwin and all the staff who made it a very comfortable and smooth experience.

Ms Chetna Joshi

On my arrival early morning today at Hiranandani Hospital I was assisted by Mr. Edwin George in my health care routine check up. 

Thanks to him I had a smooth sailing right from the word go. There were no hiccups at any given time during my time there and everything worked clock work. 

I am extremely grateful to Mr. Edwin for expediting the entire process with efficient ease. 


Needless to say I am back home happy and more than satisfied with Mr. Edwin’s services. 

He is courteous, polite, efficient and gentle in all his communications. He is a valuable asset to the Hospital. I wish him all the best in his personal and professional life ahead. 

Mr Amjadkhan pathan

Good afternoon, at the outset we would like to thank the entire team, Dr Snehal Deshpande, Dr Kanishka, Dr umera and the entire staff, for your support
Last year, when we had visited you, we were in lot of distress about our daughter who had just turned two, and we both us Doctors got worried about her as she was showing some symptoms of autism, on top of that there was a lockdown and most of occupational therapist had either stopped there session or shifted to online sessions
I was not happy with online sessions, as my daughter already was kind of addicted to screen
In this difficult time, your team came as a blessing, as you continued your sessions at Hiranandani, even risking your safety for kids benefit, i deeply appreciate that and am very thankful
Ever since we started our sessions she has improved significantly, and not once she refuses to go to session, speaks highly about the skills of your team,
After every session there are critical observations and feedback, which helps us to manage Anaya better at home
I am so impressed with the activities that you do with Anaya, that I feel even normal children should have such structured play learning
We both are doctors and before this we thought we knew so much about medicine, but this journey taught us we knew so little and so much more needed to be done for kids in society
Keep up the good work and thanks

Ms Parveen Qureshi

I Parveen Qureshi ,mother of Mahi Qureshi taking therapy at the centre, wants to appreciate the good work done by the therapist at the centre with all precautions and dedication without any obstacles in sessions in this hard time of pandemic.Because of which my child is getting the benefit of therapy In a positive and effective manner. Thanking all especially Dr. Snehal and Dr. Mihika for taking care of my Mahi.

Mr Ravinder Kapur

My father, Mr. Surinder Singh Kapur, was admitted to Hiranandani Hospital with covid on 21 April 2021. He was in the hospital for 10 days and passed away from pneumonia and other complications in the early hours of 2 May 2021.
My wife and I wish to place on record our sincere appreciation and thanks for the high degree of care and medical attention that he received in his last days.
We are especially grateful to Dr. Pahuja, Dr. Swapnil Mehta, Dr. Mahima Bhaskar, Dr. Garima, and Dr. Priyanka Mehta (in the ICU). Of course, there are innumerable other doctors, nurses, and staff who worked tirelessly and cheerfully to help my father.

Mr Viraj Ved

Dear Dr. Snehal,
We would like to thank Dr. Kanishka & Dr. Umaira for all the efforts they have put in for Vraj. They are nothing short of a blessing and Vraj is very lucky to have them as their therapist.
Both the doctors are very energetic, lively, and passionate about their work.
Dr. Kanishka has very creative ways to get desired things done by kids. Dr. Umaira is a very loving and elder sister to Vraj in disciplining him. This has made sure that Vraj learned everything in a fun way.
We are happy with Vrajs' progress and certainly would recommend it to parents we come across.
Lastly, we would also like to thank you for your valuable guidance and overview of Vrajs' progress.

Ms Velsi Miranda Jadhav

This is for Thanks and Appreciations for My wife (Velsi Miranda Jadhav) pregnancy treatment in Month Of May 2021.
I like to deep thankful to the hospital for the good and efficient treatment and care taken
I would want to specially thank to Dr. Rakhee Sahoo who give us very nice treatment and explain the everything very neat and proper as we understand correct things time to time on each visit we had, and my baby and wife was very safe in her hand, "Thank you, Dr. Rakhee madam, for the everything you did for us"
Also want to special thanks to Dr. Hetal Parekh who give us the positiveness from beginning when was treatment for but we lost our hopes of parenthood many times but madam given very nice and best treatment which was possible and applicable.
Later in middle of for some reason we stopped the treatment, that time also Doctor was with us and told us "it will happen soon don't worry and whenever you want i will be here for you",
Now, after a year’s also she was very, very happy for us for our natural pregnancy news and again we started the startings of pregnancy visit's with Dr. Hetal as she was giving good treatments and explain was also nice and also as we feels very safe with her for my baby & Wife "Thank you, Dr. Hetal madam, for the everything you did for us"
We would like to appreciate the Hospital staff, Pharmacy, the nurses and Mavshi, House-Keeping staff for their relentless efforts and helps, thank you very much all of you
Last but not the least, We like to appreciate and thanks to the Mrs. Vedika Sawardekar from Pharmacy who recommended this hospital to us for the IVF treatment and also for delivery too
Thanks for the big Roll of Hiranandani Hospital for our parenthood, parenthood for us is the best gift of the GOD..
Thanks to everyone who was helping us directly indirectly
Thank you, thank you, thank you !

Mr Harshad Sabkhe

Please find my feedback for Dr. Aditya Sai and Mr. Edwin.

I went through a surgery for elbow arthrolysis and ulnar nerve transposition and was admitted for 2 days from 28th May 21 to 30th May 21. My experience with hospital was excellent. All support staff was caring and helpful. They all were humble and responsive. I would be failing in my job if I would not be appreciating the nurses and ward boys who took my care like family member. Also food quality was the best. Overall 5 rating for the hospital in the hospitality. It is said that first impression is the last impression. In my first visit to hospital which a weeks back surgery , I met the guy Mr. Edwyn , who was a true gentleman and a supportive resource. He was really good in relationship management. Besides, his busy schedule he gave me all the useful information about doctors and hospital. He not only took the details of my injury but also directed me to choose the right doctor for my elbow problem. He assured that he will help me throughout till I will be recovered. So it was like a sense of caring and I felt like some family memeber is there to take care of me. He was very much supportive in arranging appointments with Dr. Aditya. I will never forget that this guy came to see me in my room after my surgery like a family member. Also he informed the staff to take extra care of me.and that really won my heart. Really hats off to Hiranandani hospital management that they created such a gem resources. Best of luck to Mr. Edwyn foe his future endeavours.

My experience with Dr. Aditya Sai and Dr Dhirav was amazing. I felt that both were very much interested in my physical and mental comfort. Everything was well explained. I never was made to feel that caring for me was a burden. I think Dr. Aditya with his rich experience due to oversea fellowships , is one of the best hand surgeon in Mumbai. He was very polite, knowledgeable and confident what he does. I had no reluctance to ask for what I needed. On top of that my medical outcome is great so far! I would recommend Hiranandani Hospital and Dr. Aditya Sai to anyone who needs this procedure.

Mr A.Thomas family

On behalf of our family, would like to THANK, Finlay Jacob,Sumitra,Vishal and Ayub for doing an excellent job in the Dialysis department. They have and are doing exemplary work.

Even though many a times few patients (at times his own colleagues) lose their temper or get irritated, Finlay and his team remain calm,focused to give the best possible treatment at what is at hand.

Thank you Dr. Chatterjee for having an excellent staff as in, Finally. He truly is a good leader,worker and a teacher (have seen him guiding his colleagues)

Finally, Sumitra, Vishal and Ayub, God bless you and thank you once again for your excellent service

Ms Charlotte Almeida

I would like to share my experience at the post covid clinic at L.H Hiranandai Hospital and our gratitude toward Dr shalini Sularkar and the team of Doctors at the post covid clinic.

My dad age 70 years was diagnosed with covid and was admitted at the hospital . His lungs had been infected badly he also had a pre existing condition of heart disease and diabetes. After he was discharged we were advised to visit the post covid clinic .

We were apprehensive about visiting the hospital because of all the stigma attached around covid and the risk of a secondary infection. We asked for an online consultation and they obliged. During the online consultation we realized that it didn't really help us due to the limitations of online consultation.

The Doctor assured us that the other patients cannot infect us as they are all there post recovery and the hospital takes all necessary precautions needed.

Our experience at the clinic was very pleasant its was not crowded - there were no more than 3 patients in then waiting area. They make you fill a detailed questionnaire to assess your physical and mental condition. The doctor is very knowledgeable and very observent and provide the best possible treatment for my father. What I liked most was they not only concentrated on post covid treatment but also gave equal importance to the treatment of his heart and diabetes.

After care is very important for all the havoc covid wreaks. Very simply put if you have a problem with your car you take it to the mechanic and not a plumber. So I would urge every one who has covid to get the right treatment from the right doctor at the right time.

Mujahid Patel

My Father in Law Noormahamad Desai undergone Lumber Decompression Spine Surgery by Dr Pradeep Kumar Singh Sir & Dr. Amit Sir before 4 Months Earlier he cannot walk and was in severe pain in legs and Spine.

Now My Father in Law can walk without Walker and there is no any pain in legs and Spine .

Thanks to Dr Pradeep Kumar Singh & Dr Amit and other team who gave a new life to my Father in law by doing a successful Operation .

The Doctors the Staff and management of Hiranandani Hospital is very nice & co-operative & once again Thanking you All .

The Hospital is highly recommended to the patient's definately you are in safe hands .

Good bless you Sir & Team .

Mr Laila Suvarna

This email to send an appreciation note for Dr. Pradeep Singh for all his efforts and expertise to operate on my sister in law when she was admitted in a very critical state. All thanks to him that she is surviving today. Heartfelt thanks from me and my family.

Mr James Lisa and Jacob Hogan

We recently travelled to Mumbai with our 9 year old son who was born via gestational surrogate on 18th Feb 2011.

We have always told our son that he was born in India and he is so special to us.

We took the opportunity to see Dr Soni and despite her hectic schedule of appointments she was happy to meet with us and Jacob. I would be very happy if you could please pass this photo onto Dr Soni. My husband and I were very overwhelmed during our visit with emotion and I felt I didn't express enough my absolute gratitude and love for Dr helping us bring our precious boy to us. We are of course eternally grateful for our surrogate Mrs Aluminissa Siddique. Thankyou to everyone in your beautiful country for fulfilling our dreams of parenthood. Jacob turns 9 today. God bless you all you have completed our lives.

Mr Hashir (B/O. Shafaq)

Whilst, this email is to express our sincere gratitude, also refers to and recommends Dr Gautam Agarwal as one of the prominent pediatric surgeons in the city.

We were privileged to have precise, rational and yet easy to understand guidance from Dr Gautam throughout the process to have our 40 day-old child treated for PUV.

Thanking you and sincerely,

Mr Jay B Ghosal

It was really a very good experience during my hospitalization in Hiranandani hospital powai from 28th to 30th September 21. The entire staff was very helpful and cooperative. I will definitely share this experience with my acquaintances.

Mr. Jalil Shaikh


I would personally like to Thank Mr. Edwin George for his exceptional service towards my dad, Mr. Jalil Shaikh who got admitted in Room: 1008 on 02 Sep'21.

He was very helpful and made our admission process very comfortable. He showed lots of empathy and was very good at issue resolution. At times he also went out of his way to provide assistance. His counselling made my Dad feel relaxed and he was like a son to him until the end of the treatment. I must admit that it's a blessing to have people like Edwin in any team.

The other team members were also helpful.

Thanking you All from the bottom of my Heart.

Mr Anselm Caldeiro

Our relation patient ANSELM CALDEIRO room 515 /1009 from 5Feb to 20feb 2022 received SUPER WELCOME at your Hospital by Edwin George and SUPERB COORDINATION from Archana Bhalla by handling his overseas insurance right upto the time of his departure at 10pm from the hospital. Sunday was her day off but she coordinated everything with the overseas handlers . She took it personally with so much care and the tense patient left with a peaceful mind.
Thank you to both, super caring staff.
Special Thanks to a Super Doctor Austin Fernandes who patiently handled all queries .
We will recommend your hospital to all who need the superb treatment you offer.

Mr Rajasree Dash

I want to thank few personnel who made my visit to Hiranandani Hospital very comfortable.
I visited Hiranandani Hospital on the 30th of March 2022 and a hair line fracture on my left foot was detected. While Dr Deepak Mishra was very thorough and courteous, Dr Kalpit and Mr Deepak Saroj (Pharmacy) made my experience a noteworthy one.
Unfortunately, I was alone and did not have any one who could do the general running around. Both Dr Kalpit and Mr Deepak Saroj took note of this on their own, noticed my discomfort & pain and went beyond their call of duty to ensure that my movements are minimal, and ensured that all formalities and transactions are carried out without causing me any additional inconvenience.
Dr Kalpit spoke on my behalf and arranged for the Boot that was prescribed and both he and Mr Saroj ensured that the fit was perfect. Dr Kalpit even explained how to use the boot.
They stayed by my side giving me the reassurance that I needed at that time.
Mr Saroj also efficiently ensured that the billing process was smooth and no needless physical strain was caused to me.
A big thank you to both of them!
God Bless!

Mr Bhaskar Dutta

I wanted to leave a feedback for Edwin Fernandez. He is a customer care rep in your Hospital. He went above and beyond to help us navigate, and gave us a very positive experience.
Thanks and I wish him all the best
Patient : Deepak Dutta
doctor: Vimal Pahuja
bed no: 521-1

Mr Shawn Lonen

My brother had undergone aneurysm Treatment at your Cath Lab centre.
We had a peaceful experience during those Torrid times and appreciate the efforts of Dr. Nishant Aditya.
We would also like to thank the Cath Lab Team of Digambar for their support provided to us during the procedure.

Mrs. Nilima Sharma

Dr. Vidya Rao Karane!

The Good Physiotherapist!!

Initially I was hesitant to visit a Physiotherapist, however, my doubts were resolved by her courteous nature and reassuring attitude, She was very positive in her approach and this won my confidence, I was very apprehensive when my Neurologist diagnosed me with Parkinson's disease. I had witnessed people afflicted with this ailment struggling to lead a normal life.I am highly appreciative of her for her services and support. She made the monotonous sessions into an enjoyable one.

Thank you very much Vidya! God bless!

Madhusudan Gopalan - Procter & Gamble

This is to share positive feedback regarding our experience at your hospital. My son Yajat madhusudan was admitted for a day for a surgical procedure with Dr Abhijit Joshi. All doctors took very good care of our son. The nursing staff overall and in particular in the 12th floor were very helpful. We would also like to specially mention Mr Edwin from customer service for the proactive and outstanding support through out the entire process , from admission to discharge. Thanks once again.

Mr Sunil Yadav

Hello, I want to pass on my gratitude to Edwin George for his assistance during my executive health check up on Wednesday, 2nd of March. He was cheerful, showered warmth, and ensured I had a pleasant experience during the entire duration. Thank you so much once again, Edwin!

Dr N Matambo - Harare, Zimbabwe

Thank you so much for taking so much good care of me during my visit for my medical check up. Everything was really smooth from the time I arrived at the airport until I left Mumbai. The treatment was awesome. I have never been treated so well in my life and you honestly took a special place in my heart. Special mention to Dr Sujit Chatterjee for taking his time to meet me and for his breathtaking kindness. I also want to mention Archana for organizing this awesome trip for me. Awesome awesome. Last but not least, Edwin- what a guy!!!! We connected like we knew each other for ages.

Thank you Dr Hiranandani hospital and stuff. Everyone was so knowledgeable and I loved it.

Mr Balachandran

Just want to formally say thanks to Zoya (Shehzadi Khan) for taking care of my diabetic medicine requirement.  Since the stock was not available she has to coordinate  and got it procured for me.

The attitude she displayed during the entire process was commendable. Thanks again


Mr Aloha

I wanted to let you know that I was so impressed with the wonderful job that Edwin did in helping me throughout my day doing the Executive Health Check. He was professional, thoughtful, knowledgeable and extremely attentive the whole day. We also had some great talks. His gracious and charismatic manner are totally suited for this kind of field.

Mr Rajasree Dash

I want to thank few personnel who made my visit to Hiranandani Hospital very comfortable.
I visited Hiranandani Hospital on the 30th of March 2022 and a hair line fracture on my left foot was detected. While Dr Deepak Mishra was very thorough and courteous, Dr Kalpit and Mr Deepak Saroj (Pharmacy) made my experience a noteworthy one.
Unfortunately, I was alone and did not have any one who could do the general running around. Both Dr Kalpit and Mr Deepak Saroj took note of this on their own, noticed my discomfort & pain and went beyond their call of duty to ensure that my movements are minimal, and ensured that all formalities and transactions are carried out without causing me any additional inconvenience. Dr Kalpit spoke on my behalf and arranged for the Boot that was prescribed and both he and Mr Saroj ensured that the fit was perfect. Dr Kalpit even explained how to use the boot.
They stayed by my side giving me the reassurance that I needed at that time.
Mr Saroj also efficiently ensured that the billing process was smooth and no needless physical strain was caused to me.
A big thank you to both of them!

Ms Rukmini Dubey

I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude for the treatment received by me for ' Prolapse of uterus Grade III' in your hospital from Sepember 2021 till date.

Also, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Vanita S. Raut for restoring my health with her excellent approach and compassion!

Mr Kishor Shetty

My mom (Sarojini Shetty) was recently admitted in you hospital Dr. L.H.Hiranandani hospital Powai for a foot infection on 25th October 2021 and discharged on 26th October 2021.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the front desk staff who made the admission process seamless.  Special thanks to Edwin George who assisted us in the end to end process. From getting the right doctor to completing the admission process.  He explained all the details in simple terms and was there till the very

Ms Ritu Anand

My name is Mrs Ritu Anand, i had come for my blood test at your vein is very very thin.. because of which whiever i lab assistant i meet they really get very scared coz they are not able to trace my life only 4 people hv been able to take out and one of them is of your hospital pathology dept CHITRA SHIRKE..she was excellent, quick and did not take time to trace my vein and take out my blood..she was very good

Ms Binu Balachandran

This is to appreciate the work done by Mrs Chitra and the entire pathology team of  Dr  L H Hiranandani Hospital , recently we visited the department for certain medical test and inspite of the work load and paper work the staff was very courteous and professional moreover the love and affection the gave to my daughter was really heart winning Keep up the good work. My best wishes to entire pathology team especially Mrs Chitra.

Mr Suhas Kulkarni - Tata Projects

We sincerely thank you for all the support extended to our MD sir and Madam during today’s health check up. Both MD sir and Madam have conveyed thank you for excellent support.