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Athletic performance is crucial for every athlete. 
In sports, you need to excel in your performance! From the training phase to the competition phase, food you eat makes you perform better. Your muscle strength helps your focus better and keeps your body ready to perform at your best capabilities. We, at the Sports Medicine department of Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital,Powai, our Sports Nutritionist helps you get the right fueling during every phase of your training to get better to compete at your sports. We ensure to repair and recover post injury to ensure you compete at your game. 

Our approach:

We believe in customized nutrition strategies tailored for athlete’s needs.We believe that food choices influence thought and actions of athletes. We focus on cleaner eating strategies to nourish and enhance health as part of sports nutrition.


Our team specializes in proven techniques of Sports Nutrition such as:

  • Anthropometric Assessment
  • Anthropometric Assessment
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Personalized Nutrition Strategies
  • Hydration Strategies
  • Game Day Plan
  • Season Specific Planning
  • Recovery Nutrition
  • Nutrition Education
  • Regular Support


We have experienced Sports Nutritionist who have worked with different athletes from National boxers, Grassroot footballer, Cricketers, Rifle shooters, Swimmers, Triathletes to Mountaineers. 
Her approach is scientific,realistic and goal oriented. 

Facilities / Services

  • A-C-E Approach

Assess and Analyse:
Assessment and analysis based on person and sports. 

Consult and counsel:
Plan goal oriented meals and provide constant support and required counselling to have consistent eating pattern.

Educate to Excel: 
Educate athlete, coaches, support staff as and when required about requirement of fuel,hydration, meal strategies.

  • Group sessions

  • Bootcamp sessions

  • On field sessions

  • Pre season program

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