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About the Clinic

High Risk OPD on Paediatric Evaluation Clinic (HOPE) has been started with a mission to support and help the families understand the needs of their little ones born early, to monitor their development and introduce intervention where found essential. Early intervention offered by HOPE Clinic can help you put your concerns to rest with prompt, accurate and timely treatment.

The rates of prematurity and survival of preterm infants has increased over the last few years. Premature infants are at a greater risk for medical complications and future developmental disabilities. Evidence suggests low-birth weight infants experience adverse physical, mental & behavioural outcomes that persist beyond school age.

Facilities / Services

HOPE Clinic offers services to babies- neonates who show the following concerns

  • Any neurologically significant antenatal and postnatal events
  • Stiffness noted in the hands or legs
  • Looseness in hands or legs
  • Vision issues
  • Poor levels of arousal or alertness
  • High levels of irritability
  • Child does not eat or sleep well


Services offered

Infant Growth Monitor Programme (IGMP)

HOPE has formulated a comprehensive program for complete monitoring of the development milestones and designed a special health check – up for your baby.

This includes

  • Complete physical assessment and medical check up by a pediatrician
  • Assessment by a neurodevelopment trained certified paediatric physiotherapist
  • Tracking baby’s milestones
  • Referral to appropriate intervention when found necessary
  • Ophthalmic check-up
  • Auditory check-up
  • Nutritional guidance if necessary
  • Parent education on developmental need of infants


HOPE Clinic evaluations begin from the NICU level and are followed up 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 months of age.


Days & Timings: Tuesday: 2 pm to 4 pm.

For Appointments Contact 

Clinic Coordinator: Ms Sylvia Mathew - 9619973392.

Our Team

Contact us

Your query will be answered within 24 hours of time, in case of urgency one can email us on [email protected]