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It is a cohesive department of six full time consultant anaesthesiologists from various institutes of national and international repute. The anaesthesiologists provide perioperative care to all patients undergoing anaesthesia for a variety of surgeries, including supra major surgeries. The department provides services that are at par with and often exceeding the standards any where in the world. We are committed to ensuring that all patients are treated with compassion with a focus on patient safety.
The department runs a post graduate diploma academic course in the hospital, recognised by the diplomate national board.

Facilities / Services


There are six fully equipped operation theatres in the hospital with advanced anaesthesia machines and state of the art anaesthesia equipment. We anaesthetize over 7000 patients using general, regional anaesthesia or sedation whichever & whenever required. Each patient is evaluated prior to the procedure at our PAC (Pre Anaesthesia Checkup) clinic and is explained in detail about the plan of anaesthesia. Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital believes in evidence based quality anaesthesia in a safe environment. We routinely provide anaesthesia for bariatric surgery, laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgeries, computer assisted joint replacement surgery, complex spine surgery, fractures, plastic & reconstructive surgeries, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, renal & liver transplant and procedures for infertility apart from all the routine surgeries. There are various state of the art anaesthesia monitoring facilities (including entropy for monitoring the depth of anaesthesia, neuromuscular monitoring, anaesthesia agent and other gases monitoring, cardiac output monitoring etc) apart from the routine monitoring like pulse oximetry, ECG analysis, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring etc.

We not only deliver anaesthesia services in the operation theatres but are also actively involved in

  • Pain relief after Joint Replacement Surgery.
  • Pain relief during Child Birth (Painless Labour).
  • Anaesthesia for Neonatal surgeries, Paediatric surgeries and procedures
  • Anaesthesia for various Radiological procedures like MRI, CT scan etc.
  • Anaesthesia in the Endoscopy Suite.
  • Monitored Anaesthesia Care for various procedures taking place in the cath lab (Complex Angioplasties, Pacemaker Implantation, DSA etc).
  • Interventional Radiology (Aneurysmal Coiling, Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt etc) and Cardiology (Transcatheter aortic valve replacement, Device closure, Valvuloplasty etc) procedures.


Special clinics

Besides the routine rendering of anaesthesia services; the department also runs the following clinics.


Perioperative anaesthesia assesment clinic

The clinic runs 24x7 in main operation theatre complex. This clinic allows us to evaluate the patients well in advance of surgery and optimize them to make them fit for surgery. This decreases morbidity and consequently  length of stay in hospital.


Perioperative pain management clinic for joint replacement surgeries

The anaesthesiologists are actively involved in rendering pain relief to patients undergoing joint replacement surgeries. All anaesthologists are skilled in Regional Anaesthesia  techniques using ultrasound machine and a nerve stimulator to indentify and numb the nerves in the operative area to provide pain relief. We follow 'clinical pathway' to provide sustained pain relief to all the patients of joint arthroplasty. At our hospital we also have patient controlled analgesia pumps which help patients take medicines on their own whenever neccesary without waiting for the doctors or nurses help. These pumps are pre-programmed and pre-filled by the doctors and donot allow drug overdose. Thus the patients can thereby undergo good physiotherapy and  early mobilization  after the surgery.


Painless labour

The team of the anaesthesiologists is available round the clock to provide relief to labouring patients. They utilize the most modern evidence based techniques to provide superior type of analgesia to the patients undergoing labour and delivery. Coupled with good monitoring equipments; both for the mother and the unborn ensures that the process of labour and the delivery is a pleasant experience in our hospital.


Perioperative pain management for high risk patients

The department of anaesthesia caters to a variety of patients undergoing supramajor surgeries. Evidence based knowledge of ultra modern medications and drug delivery systems ensures not only good pain relief for the patients; but also makes the perioperative period safer. The patients can participate in the physiotherapy programmes thereby ensuring speedy recovery.


Pain clinic

This specialized field of anaesthesia deals with chronic pain management. We treat cancer pain, headache, backache and other types of neuropathic pains in a comprehensive way. We not only provide medical management to these patients but also perform necessary evidence based interventions to relieve the patients of their chronic pain. Interventions like transforaminal epidural steroid injections, sympatholytic blocks and celiac plexus blocks, radiofrequency ablations to provide them sustained pain relief.

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