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In Mumbai, are you looking for hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) disorders expert care? Visit DR L H Hiranandani Hospital which is home to a group of distinguished HPB specialists committed to offering cutting-edge care and compassionate treatment for conditions affecting the liver, pancreas, and biliary system. We are here to provide you with knowledgeable and compassionate guidance throughout your HPB health journey, backed by cutting edge facilities and a dedication to excellence. Our team of HPB Specialists in Mumbai are dedicated in providing the most effective treatment 


About the HPB Department at DR L H Hiranandani Hospital 

HPB stands for Hepatopancreatobiliary which includes three organs Liver, Pancreas, Biliary system. Biliary system includes gall bladder and bile duct. We provide complete diagnosis & treatment for HPB (Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary) disease in Mumbai. Our HPB Surgery Unit performs all types of liver, pancreas, gall bladder, and biliary surgeries.

 Dr L H Hiranandani provides comprehensive surgical, medical as well as intensive care during the treatment of HPB diseases. We perform open as well as minimally invasive surgeries with state-of-the-art technology.


Procedures followed at the top HPB Hospital in Mumbai 

At Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, our Gastrointestinal (GI) and HPB surgeon in Mumbai performs all types of abdominal surgeries with below common procedures:

  • Liver Resection

Liver resection is performed when there is liver cancer or liver tumor or metastatic disease in which part of liver is removed. It’s a major surgery which is performed after proper evaluation of patient. After surgery remnant liver grows back to almost same size as it was before surgery.


  • Pancreatic Resection

There are various types of pancreatic resection procedures which includes Whipple’s procedure, distal pancreatectomy, segmental pancreatectomy or central pancreatectomy. Whipple’s procedure is performed for pancreatic head cancer, distal bile duct cancer and periampullary carcinoma. Distal pancreatectomy is performed for cancer of the body and tail of the pancreas.


  • Acute and chronic pancreatitis surgery in Mumbai 

Most of the acute pancreatitis patients are managed medically. Few of them require surgery like pancreatic necrosectomy for acute pancreatitis.  Sometimes patients form fluid collection around the pancreas after pancreatitis which may needs internal drainage into stomach or intestine which is call cystogastrostomy or cystojejunostomy surgery. Lateral pancreaticojejunostomy and Frey’s procedure are performed for chronic pancreatitis.


  • Bile duct surgery in Mumbai 

Bile duct surgery is required for bile duct cancer, stones, stricture or bile duct injury during gall bladder surgery or trauma. For bile duct stones, first endoscopic removal is attempted first. If bile duct stones can’t be removed endoscopically, then bile duct exploration surgery is performed and stones are removed. Sometimes there is a narrowing of the bile duct (stricture), which is causing jaundice or infection in that case narrowed part of bile duct is removed and bile ducts are joined with the intestine (hepaticojejunostomy). There can be cancer in the bile duct (cholangiocarcinoma) for which the bile duct is removed with or without part of the liver.


  • Liver cyst surgery in Mumbai 

Most of the liver cysts are benign cysts for which surgery is not required. Surgery is required only when there is doubt of cancer of cyst is causing symptoms. There are various types of surgeries for liver cysts like liver cyst deroofing, liver resection, enucleation, cystectomy, pericystectomy etc. Decision of type of surgery is taken by surgeon which depends of type of cyst, size of cyst and location of cyst in liver.


  • Gallbladder Treatment in Mumbai 

Gall bladder surgery is required for gall bladder stones, inflammation of gall bladder, rupture of gall bladder, gall bladder polyp and cancer.

Gall bladder stones are stones which is formed inside gall bladder because of stagnant bile. Gallstones are asymptomatic most of the times. Gall bladder needs to be removed when there is symptoms related to gall bladder stones like abdominal pain or swelling in gall bladder.

Gall bladder cancer is one of the most dangerous cancer. It arises from gall bladder wall. It can also involve nearby organs like liver, bile duct, stomach, duodenum, colon.    


  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

It is the removal of the gall bladder if the patient is having gall bladder stone which is causing symptoms. This is a minimally invasive procedure. Most of the patients are discharged next day after surgery.


  • Radical Cholecystectomy

This is performed for gall bladder cancer. In this surgery, we remove gall bladder & a portion of the liver. Sometimes we may have to remove part of other organs like lobe of liver, bile duct etc if cancer is infiltrating these organs.

When gall bladder cancer has already spread into other organs or distant lymph nodes in that case surgery is not an option. We may have to go with other therapies to control the spread of the disease. When advanced gall bladder cancer patients present with jaundice, first endoscopic biliary drainage procedure is performed to reduce the bilirubin level. Once bilirubin level decreases then chemotherapy is started. Usually gall bladder cancer is managed by a multidisciplinary approach which includes surgeon, medical oncologist, gastroenterologist, and radiologist.


Why choose DR L H Hiranandani Hospital for HPB Surgery in Mumbai

Our team is made up of highly qualified gastroenterologists and HPB surgeons in Mumbai who have received specific training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of liver, pancreas, and biliary disorders. We are qualified to handle complicated HPB conditions with accuracy and skill, from pancreatic cancer and liver cancer to gallbladder disorders and bile duct obstructions.

Patient-centred care is our top priority at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital and we pay close attention to your unique needs, preferences, and concerns. Every step of the way, our caring staff will listen to you, go over your diagnosis and available treatments, and include you in the decision-making process. Our team of HPB Specialists in Mumbai are dedicated to giving you the knowledge, assistance, and direction you require to make wise choices regarding your health.


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