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At Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital we believe that beauty is not skin deep; the skin is actually a mirror of one’s health. We provide treatments with a holistic approach for the management of skin disorders, medical as well as aesthetic. Hair disorders like hair loss, baldness and dandruff and nail problems like discoloration or abnormal nail growth are also treated in this department.


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We also offer special services pertaining to dermatological problems

Radiofrequency ablation

It is an easy and safe way to get rid of unwanted skin growths like warts and skin tags. This new technology is far superior to the old fashioned cauterization. It is done in an absolutely pain free manner with the help of anesthetic creams.

Extraction of molloscum and milia

Mollosca are painless growths which look like small rice kernels, commonly seen on the face of children. This is a harmless viral infection which needs to be treated only because it spreads by contact.
Milia are small, pearly painless mole like growths mainly around the eyes. The only way of getting rid of these, is by extracting them.

Patch testing for allergies

Common skin allergies can be diagnosed with patch test kit. A pre decided number of agents which are most likely to cause allergy are applied to the back and a reading is taken after 2 days.

Skin biopsy and histopathology

Sometimes different types of skin disorders mimic each other and are difficult to diagnose only on the basis of the appearance of the rash. Also, certain infections of the skin e.g. tuberculosis can be diagnosed only on basis of sampling of the tissue or skin biopsy. A skin biopsy is a simple out patient procedure done under local anesthetic injection. Skin biopsy is an extremely useful tool in diagnosing skin conditions like drug rashes, infections, psoriasis, and lichen planus etc.

Autologous serum skin test for urticaria or hives

Chronic itching with hives (urticaria) is a fairly common problem with our population. It disturbs day to day activity and has a significant impact on the quality of life. Autoimmune urticaria can be easily confirmed by a skin prick test known as autologous serum skin test wherein the patient’s own blood is used as a test injection on the skin. This test checks for the presence of auto antibodies which are diagnostic of autoimmune urticaria.

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