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Dr. Ajay Kakar

Department :

Dental - General

Designation :

Visiting Consultant

Qualification :


Biosketch :

Dr Ajay Kakar is working as a Visiting Consultant General Dentistry, Periodontics and Implantology with Dr LH Hiranandani
Hospital since May 2004. He is the current President of the International Academy of Periodontology, the Past President of
the IAACD and a member of the Extended Board of the European Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He extensively presents
on Periodontology, Implantology, Aesthetic Dentistry, Aligner Orthodontics, Dental Photography, Practice Management,
Information Management and Association Management. Lecturing extensively around the globe satiates the urge to teach,
travel and taste. In spite of being a compulsive foodie, he is a fitness freak and can be spotted jogging, working out or
displaying his net skills on the badminton court. Synonymous with electronic science, he has exploited his understanding of
computers effectively to blend it into the dental arena. He is the CEO of BITEIN, his creations over a decade ago and is the
fore runner of the Internet and Indian dentistry. The soujourn as the Editor of "Esthetic Expressions" was the catalyst for
his ability to ink his thoughts on dentistry and otherwise. A passionate reader of a variety of subjects, of which
"Objectivism - the philosophy of Ayn Rand" remains the backbone of his approach to life. He has written a handbook on
"Management of Mobile and Migrating Teeth"