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Audiological/Hearing tests like Pure Tone Audiometry, Impedance Audiometry, BERA, Oto-Acoustic Emission (OAE) and ASSR are conducted to determine the hearing sensitivity and various ear problems for all age groups, from infants to adults. Special tests useful in vertigo problems like SISI, Tone Decay Test (TDT) and high rate ABR are also routinely done. Early intervention by means of fitting of hearing aids in children and adults is also conducted here.

Audiologist & Speech Therapist specializes in the diagnosis & treatment of children & adults with speech, language or hearing disorders. Our hospital follows the Universal Newborn screening program in which the Audiologist carries out the following hearing screening test to screen hearing in babies.

TEOAE (Transient Evoked Oto Acoustic Emissions):

In this test, a miniature earphone & microphone are placed in the ear, sounds are played and response is measured. If a baby hears normally, an echo is reflected back into the ear canal & is measured by the microphone. When a baby has a hearing loss, no echo can be measured.

Speech therapist provides early intervention, speech & language evaluation & therapy services for children. The critical time in a child's life (up to age 3) builds the foundation for later communication & reading skills. Speech & language therapist works with children having – Delay in speech, hearing impairment, learning disability, autism, cerebral palsy, tongue tie, phonological disorder, stammering & voice orders.