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Hair Restoration and Transplant


Many men and some women when confronted with baldness consider hair replacement procedures. Hair replacement surgery calls for aesthetic talents as well as excellent surgical skills. That is why the surgeon makes all the difference. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about your surgical options and select a doctor who is well trained in the procedure you desire.

About the Department

The hospital was the first to have a department for Hair Restoration in Mumbai. This department renders holistic health care, medical and surgical treatment for the prevention of hair loss. The Centre has been relocated with the Dermocosmetology department on the first floor. Both the initiatives complement each other. The chamber where the transplant is performed is sterilized by Ultraviolet light. Being a day-care procedure, the OPD is provided with a special operating chair with a cold light fountain. Complete barrier sterility is adopted in the hair graft preparation area. 2000-3000 grafts can be done per sitting. The department is vibrant and regularly gets offshore patients. We have patients from all over the world.

Treatment Options

People with thinning hair now have more options available to them than ever before.
• Hair restoration surgery offers a permanent, living solution to lost scalp hair.

• Effective medical treatments are now offered in the form of a pill (finasteride) and a topical liquid (minoxidil). They require life-long treatment to maintain their effect.

• Cosmetic enhancers include colored creams, sprays, and powders that, when applied to the thinning scalp, help to camouflage thinning areas, as long as there is still some hair present in the area. They do not treat the hair loss process.

• Hairpieces are a non-surgical means to restore hair by covering bald areas of the scalp. There is a large variety of means for attaching these. The most common are glue adhesives, “weave” attachment, and clips.

Hair Transplantation Treatment Results

About Hair Restoration Surgery

Modern techniques of surgical hair transplantation can restore lost hair and replace or re-shape your hairline with your own natural, growing hair, which needs no more care than the ordinary washing, styling, and trimming you have always done. Transplantation can be done today so well that often a barber or stylist cannot even tell that grafts have been placed.