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Breathe Well Clinic


This clinic is a specialized clinic which deals with asthma in children. Asthma is a disease of the airway. These are the small tubes which carry air in & out of the lungs. Children who have asthma have sensitive airways. When exposed to some triggers (such as cold air, virus or pollen), the sensitive airway reacts. They become red & swollen (inflamed) which causes the airways muscle to go into spasm & there is also production of excessive mucus. This commonly produces wheezing.

Wheezing is very common in the first few years of life. For most children it is temporary & does not mean they have asthma. This is distressing for both the child & for the parents as well.

Wheezing occurs when the small airways of the lungs become narrow or constricted. That creates a whistling sound when breathing out. Studies in babies & children have shown that there are different types of wheezing in young children. These include transient (temporary) & persistent wheezing. The transient wheezing occurs when a child generally has an infection & stops when the child gets better.

Persistent wheezing is generally found in children who have allergic conditions. It may be associated with eczema, hay fever, runny nose with a cold & so on.

Facilities/ Services

It is clinic that is jointly run by the Paediatrician & also the Respiratory medicine specialist. It is a joint clinic. It is meant for children from birth till age 16 years of age. There will be a full evaluation by the paediatrician and the respiratory physician. The clinic will evaluate the child from all aspects of bronchial asthma and also other related disorders if any. They will also exclude a chronic condition or condition that is congenital in nature. All relevant test will be advised by a joint team of doctors and follow also up advised.

Our Team

Full Time Consultant
Name Designation Qualification Availability
Dr. Kashmira Chavan Full Time Consultan ENT Surgeon & Voice Consultant MBBS, DNB (Otorhinolaryngology)

 Thursday : 4 pm - 5 pm

Dr. Sanjeev Ahuja Full Time Consultant Paediatrics MD (Paediatric), DCH

 Thursday : 4 pm - 5 pm

Dr. Swapnil Mehta Full Time Consultant Pulmonology MBBS, M.D. (General Medicine), DM in Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

Monday to Friday: 04.00 pm - 05.00 pm

Visiting Consultant
Name Designation Qualification Availability
Dr. Nithya Menon Visiting Consultant B.P.Th and M.P.Th in Cardiorespiratory Sciences from Sancheti Institute, College of Physiotherapy, Pune affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.

Monday - Friday
4.00 pm - 5.00 pm