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Apex Kidney Care - Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital Nephrology Services – Pioneers of excellence in renal care.

Nephrology is a branch of medicine which is concerned with the medical management of diseases of the kidneys including renal (kidney) failure, dialysis and pre & post renal transplant care.

Patient with overt kidney disease may directly consult a Nephrologist. It is the silent disorders that are often detected by the physician and then sent to the Nephrologist.


We have a Nephrology OPD which takes care of patients with Kidney diseases including:

  • Glomerular diseases (Nephrotic & Nephritic syndromes)
  • Tubulointerstitial disease
  • Acute kidney injury (including Tropical illness, postoperative, pregnancy related)
  • Chronic Kidney diseases
  • Resistant hypertension
  • Complex fluid electrolyte & acid base imbalances
  • Medical management of renal stone diseases
  • Lupus nephritis & Vasculitis syndromes
  • OPD Follow up of patients on Haemodialysis & Peritoneal Dialysis
  • OPD Follow up & care of Renal Transplant recipients

Facilities/ Services

Consultation and Treatment

Patients are referred to nephrology specialists for some specific disorders like:

  • Acute renal failure, (sudden, abrupt but reversible loss of kidney function)
  • Chronic kidney disease, (slow and irreversible loss of kidney function),
  • Hematuria (blood loss in the urine)
  • Proteinuria (the loss of protein especially albumin in the urine)
  • Kidney stones, usually recurrent stone formers.
  • Chronic or recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Hypertension that has failed to respond to multiple forms of anti-hypertensive medication.
  • Electrolyte disorders or acid/base imbalance.

Nephrology services mainly include:

  • Dialysis
  • Haemodialysis
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Transplantation

Dialysis facility at AKC- Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital

Incentre Hemodialysis (Located on the 3rd floor)
Hemodialysis (HD) is a treatment for Kidney failure that uses a dialysis machine to clean the blood. The patient’s blood flows from his or her vascular access through a dialysis machine and is cleansed of extra waste and fluids and sent back into the body.
The department has fully automated and motorized beds/chairs with remote control functions to ensure patient comfort. Each bed is provided with an individual LCD TV with headphones for their entertainment.

Incentre Nocturnal Dialysis
This facility turns nonproductive sleep time into Hemodialysis treatment time. Patients receive Hemodialysis in their dialysis centre overnight for 6 to 8 hours while they sleep. This increases their productivity and prevents loss of vital daytime for treatment.

Incentre Peritoneal Dialysis
Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) is a type of dialysis which can be done at the patients home, using the thin membrane, called the peritoneum, which lines the abdomen to perform dialysis treatments. A cleansing fluid is put into the patient’s abdomen through a small, flexible tube called a PD catheter.

Home Hemodialysis - Providing dialysis at your doorstep
The department provides home hemodialysis treatment with Fresenius 4008 model and portable RO water treatment plant. Hemodialysis is done by a qualified technician in consultation with the Nephrologist. This can be done either on an outright basis or on monthly rental schemes.

Home Peritoneal dialysis
The patient can take this treatment at home. This treatment will be supervised by PD nurse and Nephrologist. Round the clock telephonic assistance is provided to the needy patients. We also have home visit facilities undertaken by dialysis nurses for all services including performing exchanges, incenter PD training, cycler assisted IPD (CCPD- Continuous Cycler Peritoneal Dialysis), catheter insertions and transfer set change.

Mobile Dialysis
The department provides dialysis services on wheels for immobile patients and patients hospitalized in nursing homes

Vascular access for dialysis
In order to perform dialysis (whether hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis) an access to the blood stream is essential. This can be done through performing certain surgical procedures such as: arterio venous fistula creation and graft insertions, permanent and temporary hemodialysis catheter insertions and/or peritoneal dialysis catheter insertions.


It is a well accepted and documented fact that kidney transplantation is the best option to replace the kidney function rather than dialysis. In India till date, transplantation includes :

Live related kidney transplant:
Kidney is donated by first degree relatives like mother, father, brother or sister. Spouses can be also considered as donors.
Cadaveric transplantation: Retrieval of kidneys from a brain dead individual only after the consent of his/her family. You will need to register yourself with the Zonal Transplant Coordination Center (ZTCC) for cadaveric transplantation. Your nephrologists will guide you regarding the same.

Swap transplantation:
Transplantation across two couples (husband and wife / mother and son / father and daughter / so on) who due to non-compatibility of the blood groups cannot donate to each other but have a strong wish to donate. Swap transplants are proving to be a boon in increasing the number of transplants in our country, legally.

Our Nephrologists will provide you a detailed insight about transplantation and help you make the best suitable decision.

Research and Education :

Apex Kidney Care - Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital wants to bring clinical research into India in a big way and will be one of the main centers to do quality research in the field of dialysis and transplantation. With excellent lab facilities, in house and professionals with good experience in clinical research, we feel that we can make a difference by contributing to further developments in the field of nephrology.
Apex Kidney Care also undertakes training courses for dialysis technicians and nursing staffs who aspire to work in the field of nephrology.

Our Team

Visiting Consultant
Name Designation Qualification Availability
Dr. Amjadkhan M. Pathan Visiting Consultant - Nephrology Transplant MD (Medicine), DNB (Nephrology)
  • Monday & Wednesday : 6 pm - 8 pm
  • Saturday : 4 pm - 6 pm


Dr. B. R. Ramesh Rao Honorary Consultant Nephrology MD (Medicine), MRCP (London), DNB (Nephrology)


Dr. Gaurav Daga Honorary Consultant Nephrology Transplant MD (Internal Medicine), DM (Nephrology)


Dr. Nitin E. Bhosle Honorary Consultant Nephrology MD (General Medicine) ONLY IPD
Dr. Rajesh B. Kumar Visiting Consultant Nephrologist MD, DM (Nephrology)
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday : 2 pm - 4 pm
  • Friday : 12 pm - 2 pm
Dr. Raman Malik Visiting Consultant Nephrologist MD (Medicine), DNB (Nephrology), AIIMS
  • Monday to Friday : 9 am - 10 am & 4 pm - 6 pm
  • Saturday : 9 am - 10 am
Dr. Vidya Santosh Kadam Visiting Consultant Nephrologist MD, DNB
  • Monday : 8 am - 9 am
  • Wednesday : 1.30 pm - 2.30 pm
  • Friday : 1.30 pm - 2.30 pm
Dr. Viswanath Billa Honorary Consultant Nephrology Transplant MD, DM (Nephrology) Renal & Transplant Fellowship, Canada