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Patients Voice

  • Name: Ms. Rachana Pandey

Country : India

Doctor Name : Dr.Rajeev Dhir
Procedure Done : Hair Treatment - PRP  therapy
For anyone who is looking a solution for any kind of hair related problems , I would strongly recommend to meet Dr. Rajeev Dhir Sir . He is the best doctor I have met in my life , not only he gave my hairs back but even his behaviour towards his patients is great.  I was so concerned with my hair problems,  half of my hairs were already gone , when I decided to see a doctor , i went to Seven Hills Hospital , where I met Dr Rajeev Dhir Sir  ,first time . He suggested PRP therapy  , but due to certain reasons , I was unable to visit him again but when I realised my hairs are going worst,  I called him and he asked me to meet him again  in Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai . When I met him he examined me and looked for every kind of problem which can be the reason , at that time . Actually I was suffering from PCOD , which could have been the reason too. Keeping everything in mind he gave me medication and started PRP  therapy and in like two months, I started noticing my hairs, which were growing ....... Thank you soo much sir ....I have no  words to explain my happiness,  a big big n big Thank you ....
  • Name: Mr S. Gopalakrishnan

Country : India
Doctor Name : Dr Ganesh Kumar
Procedure Done : Transcatheter Aotic Valve Replacement

Iam 78yrs old. Formerly when I used to walk for half an hour, I used to stop 4 to 5 times in between. Now after the TAVR procedure, I am able to walk for half an hour without break. This is marvelous. After TAVR, I feel more energetic and more healthy. Dr Ganesh Kumar is great.

  • Name: Mr. A Thomas

Dear Dr Chatterjee, 

For the past couple of years our parents, Mr. A Thomas and Mrs. Ammini Thomas have been coming regularly to Hiranandani Hospital for their treatment. Our father needed to come 2-3 time every week during this period for his dialysis. 
During most of this period it was our mother who had been accompanying our father for his dialysis and any other related treatment. She was advised and supported very well by your Doctors, Nurses, Supervisors and other workers. 
Our mother Mrs Thomas unfortunately was detected with cancer a few months ago. She was finally admitted in your hospital last month. She passed away and went to be with the Lord on Friday 26th July 2019. 
We wanted to thank you, your doctors, nurses, nursing supervisors and various other staff for all the medical advice, treatment, facilities and support offered to our parents during this period. Our parents often told us how helpful your hospital team has been towards them. 
We wanted to specifically thank a few persons whose names we were able to take note of, though all of them were very nice. 
The doctors, nurses and staff on the 11th floor during the period 18th to 27th July, when both our parents had to be admitted were indeed very sincere. All these nurses who were stationed on the 11th floor went out of their way to be of help to our dying mother. They always made themselves available, no matter how difficult it was. They always did their best with a BIG Smile.
Our SPECIAL THANKS also to the Supervisory staff in Brown & Blue Uniforms. Thank you to everyone of them for their kind support and regular encouragement. May God bless you all abundantly.
We now have to step into mother’s shoes to assist our father, who continues his dialysis and other treatment at your hospital. Your Dialysis team are also an amazing set of individuals. God has blessed you’ll with much skill and talent. However, what is more important, is your kindness and ‘compassion’. The way they continuously take care of the patients during dialysis. A simple ‘thank you’ will perhaps not do justice for all their effort. 
The following are a few of the people whose names we can recollect: 
  • Dr.Sajith Babu
  • Dr.Tejas
  • Dr.Anurag
  • Dr.Amjad
Nursing Supervisors: 
  • Nursing Director
  • Mrs. Sylvia Jose, 
  • Sister. Binu Varghese, 
  • Sister. Susi Simon, and a few others whose names we cannot recollect. 
  • Jensa Samkutty
  • Veena Venu
  • Sheba Mariam
  • Syama Samuel, a few others whose name we are unable to recollect. 
We also wanted to thank your other support staff on the 11th floor, 3rd floor - Dialysis Centre & ICU for their support. 
Once again, all we can say is THANK YOU. No words to express our heartfelt gratitude. May God bless you all. You all are blessed beyond measure and you are a blessing in everyone’s lives.
With warm regards & prayers,
Thomas & Family 
  • Mr. A Thomas 
  • Mr. Dennis Thomas 
  • Mrs. Carol D Thomas
  • Mrs. Priya A Mathew
  • Mr. Anup Mathew 
  • Mr. Aaron Mathew 
  • Name: Mrs Ragini Sundaram

Country : India
Doctor Name : Dr Vimal Pahuja, Dr Sushma, Dr Swanand and Dr Greeshma

Mrs Ragini Sundaram is 41 years old and is a central government employee. She came to the Metabolic Centre (Centre of excellence for Diabetes and Obesity) with an aim to lose weight. Various tests revealed that she had a very low Basal Metabolic Rate and also was having leptin resistance as a result of change in body clock.

Let us hear her story in her words.
“Though a government employee, I had erratic working hours, lack of sleep and irregular eating habits leading to weight gain. I had been into a lot of diet plans and weight loss programs in the past, so diet and exercise were not new to me.

But this Metabolic Centre was something different as it had everything under one roof, the place for work out, which is completely monitored, the diet consultation, the regular follow up, and the checkups, weekly yoga sessions and also counseling sessions. This centre was brainchild of Dr Vimal Pahuja, who is an excellent mentor and motivator, along with Dr Sushma, who is the clinical associate and chief clinic coordinator, and has been there at all times with her guidance and positivity. She made me believe that nothing is impossible and weight loss is achievable and sustainable too. Dr.Sushma told me about the cardiac rehabilitation department. I was a bit taken aback as I did not have any cardiac issues. She introduced me to Dr Swanand and Dr Greeshma who heads the cardiac rehabilitation department.

Cardiac rehabilitation- sounds a bit scary as if it’s a rehabilitation centre for a grave ailment or to bring you back to normal from some addiction. However, it is exactly opposite. It is the best way to start a day, the warm welcome from Mangesh (their housekeeping staff), Dr Swanand and Dr Greeshma just puts a lot of zeal in us. I joined the rehab with an aim for weight loss and fitness. The cardiac rehab department is very well equipped and every person is monitored. This helps us to stay motivated under their guidance.

I am sure with a combine team effort the results which have already started showing, will definitely be outstanding. Kudos to entire team at the metabolic centre.

  • Name: Meerra Shah

Country : India
Doctor Name : Dr Anita Soni, Dr Seeru Garg and Dr Bijal Shrivastava

Dear team of amazing doctors at Hiranandani Hospital Powai, I , ms Meerra shah Would like to share my experience at your centre..

On oct 18 2018 I realised I was pregnant and hence went to my doctor at Dadar where my elder daughter was born... with a sonography it was confirmed that I was 9 weeks preggy.. but the news came in with a shock too as I had two huge 10cm cysts on my tight ovary... my doc there asked me to immediately terminate as there was a huge risk to my life too... she said I could go under toxic shock and it can be life threatening.. with in no seconds I was left with no land to step on...

another opinion from another doc too confirmed the same... finally the same day we decided to land at Hiranandani hospital and meet Dr Anita Soni and Dr Seeru Garg.. and some where I felt I’ll be told the same.. but a small ray of hope was alive in my heart..

and the ray of hope magnified each day under the two amazing doctors Dr Anita Soni and Dr Seeru Garg... undergoing concerned tests and ruling out negative possibilities, these two amazing doctors filled me up with positivity in and out.. despite being diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis in the 8 th month of pregnancy, things still were kept under check n control and finally I had my bundle of joy in my arms on 22 May 2019.

Without this team, I wouldn’t have been able to go ahead or have a peaceful 9 months journey. They made sure that I was well taken care of and leaving no stone unturned,me n baby both are safe healthy and find today...

dr anita Soni and dr seeru garg a big thank u to you both and your wonderful team including dr bijal Shrivastava and we are blessed to have u all around us... I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the reception staff for being so patient and calm, the amazing nurses of 9 th floor who were so good with everything... I had a zero pain experience be it anything... the lactation nurse ms Susan was so loving and motivating... the Food being served, the dietitian incharge serving me the best high protein low carb diet with utmost hygiene...

the house keeping staff for timely maintenance of the rooms, the security for being so perfect with time slots, the RMO Doctors for their timely visits and helping me out with every single thing...

thank you for making my delivery the best experience at Hiranandani... I couldn’t have asked for anything more... i was taken care of so well that these memories I shall cherish for life...

when people share their saga of painful experiences about child birth at other hospitals, I have my own fairy tale story to share...

much luv to all..

Meerra Shah & Baby Dhanvik Shah

  • Name: Mr Kamanayan Deo - General Manager, International business with Lupin Limited.

Country : India
Date: 23rd April 2017
Doctor Name : Dr Greeshma & Dr Swanand

In the early morning of 23rd April'2017 he suffered with severe chest pain & was rushed to Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai. On diagnosis, it was confirmed that he had suffered from a heart attack a while ago and immediate action was required. Dr Irfan Khan & his team performed Angiography followed by emergency Angioplasty. He recovered & was discharged from hospital within 3 days.

Lets hear his story,
“Heart attack at the age of 50..!!! I was completely shattered after coming back from hospital. All kind of negative thoughts started hovering over me. At one point I thought my life is going to end soon as I may suffer another attack anytime.

I was depressed & was feeling low. That's when Dr Irfan suggested to join Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre at Hiranandani Hospital where I met Dr Greeshma and Dr Swanand. My life changed after joining the rehab centre.

At well equipped Cardio Centre located inside the hospital, Dr Greeshma & Dr Swanand greatly helped me to regain my confidence. By doing regular exercise under supervision of doctors, I started feeling confident and within one month of the incident, I was able to run & do cycling without any trouble. Apart from exercising, I was also given Yoga lessons and diet consultation at the rehabilitation centre.

Today, After 8 months from the in incident, am feeling much confident about my physical health. To test my abilities, along with my other fellow CHC members, have decided to participate in "Powai Run 2018". I am sure of completing the run with support from doctors of Hiranandani Hospital team. Thanks to Dr Greeshma & Dr Swanand for helping many cardiac patients like me to regain their confidence and making them physically fit to run in the race of life...!!!

He is indeed today a role model and we wish him all the very best for all his healthy endeavours!

  • Name: Mr. Yatin Jhamb

Country : India
Doctor Name : Dr Greeshma Shenoy and Dr Swanand Kulkarni

Hi ! I am Yatin Jhamb, 42 years of age. Till 3 years back I was a happy smoker who loved to eat tasty food (mostly fried – The samosas, The Aaloo Puris, The Paranthas, The bhujia sev ... yum yum ....) but never felt the need for any physical exercise. All was going well and one fine afternoon I had severe chest pain and was rushed to Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital (Powai) by a lifesaver (a colleague of mine – Mr Ashish Tripathi). It was a massive heart attack with 99% blockage in my arteries. One of the most able doctors of the hospital (Dr AV Ganesh Kumar) did the angioplasty and I survived ... !

Post this near death experience, I was advised to join the Cardiac Rehabilitation program of Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital (Powai). Though sceptical, I joined the program and it turned out to be a life changing decision. The doctors at the Cardiac Rehabilitation department took special care of me with a customized diet plan, yoga sessions and exercise sessions. After more than 3 years now, I feel joining this rehabilitation program was one of the best decisions of my life. As a result of these sessions, I stopped smoking, started having healthy diet and exercising regularly. Even after almost 4 year, I have continued with the rehabilitation program and feel safe exercising rigorously under the able guidance & supervision of Dr Greeshma Shenoy and Dr Swanand Kulkarni. The best part about this hospital and its doctors is that they not only tell you to do the right but also explain how does the suggested course of treatment / exercise help you.

  • Name: Ms Darshan Shanbhag

Country : India
Date: 11th August, 2017
Doctor Name : Dr Anita Soni

Excellent experience with my mother having surgery at Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital under Dr Anita Soni’s expert care. Dr Soni and her wonderful team were truly the epitome of professional competence, great teamwork and create a warm and nurturing environment for her and for all of us. They kept us well informed all through, took great care of every medical problem with great results. Along with them the diabetologist Dr Vimal Pahuja, the nursing staff, the dietary staff and everyone else at the hospital were all great.

I have no hesitation in recommending their care to one and all. Being a physician myself, I could assess their attention to details and was happy to have my mother treated here.


  • Name: Mr. Patrick Marekia
Country : Kenya
Date: 27th August, 2016
Doctor Name : Dr Prakash Shetty

My experience with this hospital has been truly outstanding. No words can best describe my pleasure at my choice of this institution. I am Kenyan and therefore I needed pre-travel help, advise and assurance. I got more than this from Ritika and Joshi. This in assistance pre, during and post operation was very vital and much appreciated.

I believe my surgery was very well and I remember meeting the surgeon & other doctors and support staff just before the operation. They were all very professional and assuring. This high level attention was evident even when I was taken to my room number 1113 which has been my home away from home for the last two weeks.

The nurses right from the top under Valsa Thomas; her assistants to Mary and her girls on the 11th floor have been incredible night gales. Their care, humane nature, attention to details and their genuine helpful nature made me clarify your hospital “My Home away from Home”. My gratitude to them all.

To the Housekeeper, cleaners and all those who cleaned my dirt, I salute them all. I am a hotel executive of over 40 years. I therefore know and have experienced many different cuisines as I have worked in many countries in the world. Your catering is excellent. I was accompanied by my wife, we truly enjoyed the meals served.

And now to the Administration of the Hospital. My salute to you for building management structure which can survive all manner of storm and unexpected management turbulence. I was operated the day before the fiasco which fell your institution ordinarily many services would have come to a standstill. You have an excellent succession and continuity management plan. We received all the services as if nothing had happened. My affected surgeon arranged for an alternative doctor to take care of me. This is no ordinary institution.   I am very happy to have association with Hiranandani Hospital, not just now but in future. I pray to God, for your continuation in development, expansion and success in all ways. May God give you favours in all ways.
  • Name: Ms. Meseret Alemayehu

Country: Ethiopia
Date: 22nd August 2016
Doctor Name: Dr Anil Venkitachalam

I am impressed with the professional behaviour at all levels including Doctors were personally following up and advising every steps, never seen this anywhere before in any hospital. The Nursing, Doctors, Food, Housekeeping services were all excellent. Exceptional staff Ritika Masani in assisting us in all way arriving from our own country till discharge. You all are great. Will recommend this hospital to everyone in my country.

  • Name: Ms. Inas Sawad

Country: Iraq 
Date: 20th June 2016
Doctor Name: Dr Manjiri Das Gupta

I visited Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital and consulted Dr Manjiri Gupta and she explain all the steps of the treatment very clearly, her explanation was too good, many thanks to nurses on 11th floor who took care of me, many thanks to Ritika who was very helpful from my country until arrived to hospital, excellent experience, nice clean pretty view from 11th floor.

  • Name: Ms. Alvarine Kianu Kambu

Country: Congo
Date: 12th February, 2016
Doctor Name : Dr. Anita Soni

The Nursing service was excellent. Doctor's are courteous & polite during my course of treatment. All information was provided to me on timely basis. I was impressed with assistance given to me by Mr Manish & Ms Ritika. Dr Anita Soni & Dr Renuka Matti are exceptionally good doctors. I will recommend about this hospital to others as an excellent hospital. Overall Hospital service was very good, my stay was excellent.

  • Name: Mr. Raj Patel
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 7th May, 2015
Doctor Name: Dr Vijay Shetty

I am very happy the way I have received the treatment and services while staying at your hospital during 7th May - 16th May 2015 for my total hip replacement surgery.

Dr. Vijay Shetty: He is such an asset to any hospital, I have had a pleasure to meet him, he was always there to help me, even well before I planned to visit India for my surgery, very intelligent and down to earth personality. I thank him for his help and support during my stay at the hospital plus thank to him that he managed to give my (Operated leg was short by 1.5 cm) Leg length back to normal , and hope to see him again whenever he visits the UK.

Marketing team: Mr Akhilesh in marketing team was a great help, in fact he had visited each day of my stay at the hospital and always ready to help. Akhilesh and marketing team members Mr Manish Joshi were above the excellence.

Nursing Staff: All nursing staff were very helpful, well informed and always here to help the patient. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your help and support, today I have completed 2 weeks post OP, I am walking with almost no pain, hope to start running once 6 weeks post OP completes.

  • Name: Ms. Irene Maina
Country: Kenya
Date: 21st October, 2015
Doctor Name: Dr Namita Pandey

I am impressed with the services provided by nurses, doctors, and Housekeeping staff. Great and Excellent work by everyone in all areas. Special names of Dr Namita Pandey, Dr Ashish Bakshi and Ritika for their care. Overall excellent hospital and I will recommend to others about this hospital in my country.
  • Name: Mr. Jeffrey Kile
Country: USA
Date: 2nd December, 2015
Doctor Name: Dr Pavitra Bhat

Excellent and timely service received during my stay. Facilities are good. Nursing Staff was courteous and polite including Doctor's, Housekeeping and Catering staff. Special Thanks to Ritika for her assistance during my stay. The Quality of service received was good and extremely satisfied with the outcome of the treatment.
  • Name: Kunlere Folashade Funmike

Country: Nigeria
Date: 10th June, 2015
Doctor Name: Dr Jessy Thomas

Quality & the professional services rendered by the hospital is one of the best caring hospital with near prefect & excellent services all round. Dr Ganesh Kumar AV, Nurse Shyama Samuel, Akhilesh Jain. We enjoy the best of services here & will recommend the hospital to anyone in my country.

  • Name: Mr. Batuklal Shah
Country: India
Date: 28th May 2012
Doctor Name : Dr. Sanjeev Jain
Treatment : Knee Replacement

This is in reference to my Operation of Full Knee Replacement which was done by Dr. Sanjeev Jain dated 9th May 2013. I, Mr. Batuklal Shah was in severe pain from last six months and was very scared for Knee Replacement Operation. There has been six knee replacement operation before in my family (My wife, my brother and Bhabhi). I did notice that they were in severe pain even after operation, so I always delayed, But after consulting to Dr. Sanjeev Jain, I was relieved and he made everything so simple, pain less and easy going.

From the first day when I was admitted in the hospital, everything was going very smooth. After operation, he made my life so easy that there was no pain at all in my leg and I was made to walk from the next day and now after 15 days I am walking so easily and with zero pain.

The hospital and their staff were very cooperative and helpful to me and felt as I was at home.

Unlike others, who always say that they had very severe pain...I would say that I had lovely experience and now totally pain free and for that reason all the Credit goes to Dr. Sanjeev Jain.

I would always be obliged and all thanks to Dr. Sanjeev Jain. Thanks a lot once again to Dr. Sanjeev Jain and his team for all the efforts and my blessings and wishes for you that you always lead a happy and sucessful life.
  • Name: Ms. Sareeka Prasad
To All the Doctors and Staff,

My father Chanka Prasad from Fiji Islands, under went surgery on the 14th April 2012 at your hospital.

On behalf of my father and family, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed towards making my fathers operation successful.

Special thanks to the Public Relations department who were so supportive for the beginning to the end.

He was well cared for and we are grateful for all the hard work and effort you showed towards him for the duration of his hospitalization. He is recovering well and happy to be back home in Fiji.
  • Name: Mr. Farrell Donald Ryan Coker
Country: Kenya
Date: 6th June 2012
Doctor Name : Dr. Sanjeev Jain
Treatment : Bilateral Knee Replacement

It was just plain brilliant & extreme satisfaction from almost every area. The surgery was much better & less painful. The Doctor's were extremely kind & polite. The PRO's were among the most friendly & helpful person's I have met. On the whole it was brilliant. You could be sure I would recommend this hospital to others. A big thank you to all of you.
  • Name: Ms. Polly Janet Bretton

Country: United Kingdom
Date: 14th Feb 2012
Doctor Name : Dr. Milind Wagh

After Intensive internet research I decided in November to come to India for health. From the outset they were efficient & informative answered in writing all of my questions. I cannot praise enough the efficiency of the hospital from the initial consultation with Dr. Milind Wagh, the testing procedures & then finally the procedures themselves. It could not have been more comprehensive. Though I cannot see the final result yet & am confident that the outcome will be excellent. I would recommend this facility & Dr. Milind Wagh without reservation.

  • Name: Mrs. Eni Fong
Country: Fiji
Date: 15th Oct 2011

Bula Vinaka Tale (Hi! Once again)

This is my 2nd eye operation in here. I just want to convey how happy I was listening to the music playing at the theatre room. It takes away all that frightened feeling and slowly soothes the mind, body & soul. I felt so relax and not frightened any more before and during my operation so please keep the music going on there!!

To Dr. A Sanjana and all the staff, thank you so much for the wonderful service.

Vinaka Vakalevu (Thank you)
  • Name: Mr. Edward Akpata
Country: Nigeria
Date: 7th Oct 2011

My experience at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital has been very wonderful in view of the excellent professional service I received from Dr Kishore Shetty who was directly assigned to handle my case like Diabetes, Parkinson & High blood pressure.

The PRO in person Mrs Nisha has been particularly friendly and committed in her relationship with us. On a general note the nurses the kitchen staff and housekeepers have been punctual, diligent & effective in the performance of their duties.

Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital is a world class health establishment that remains a problem solver now in the future. I recommend the hospital without hesitation to all those that may be in need of its services.
  • Name: Ms. Lobna Falah Azeez
Country: Iraq
Date: 30th Sep 2011


My name is Mr Falah Aziz; my daughter was admitted for 14 days. I feel all staff of this hospital is very good & cooperative. Facilities are very well. I will recommend coming for any kind of Disease. A lot of thanks to Mrs Nisha & Mrs Madhavi they cooperated very well.