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Dr. Davinder Kumar Wadhwa

Department :

Dental - General Dentistry

Designation :

Visiting Consultant

Qualification :


Biosketch :

Dr Davinder Kumar Wadhwa is working as a Visiting Consultant Dental Surgery (General Dentistry) at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital since July 2010. He always excelled in Professional and military duties. He has served in various parts of the country and abroad. Dr Davinder Wadhwa has worked extensively in almost all branches of dentistry, has done a lot of work in Conservative dentistry, Preventive dentistry, Root Canal treatment, Periodontal therapy, Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery and Pedodontics. He has not only worked as an independent dental surgeon in a number of military stations but also at various civil and corporate hospitals.

He has been instrumental in educating people about the ill effects of tobacco. Thus helped in reducing incidences of Oral Cancer in the country. He has also served as Honorary and Personal Dental Surgeon to the Governor of Nagaland and Manipur. Dr Davinder Wadhwa has had the privilege of having worked with dental equipments of the world’s best dental companies KAVO with Indian Navy, SIRONA at Aamby Valley City and currently A-DEC at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital Powai Mumbai. He has had the experience & high success rate of treating patients in all types of terrain, land and at sea while being stationed on  Indian Navy War Ships, namely INS Vikrant and INS Virat.

Regularly attending Seminars & Conferences to keep himself abreast with the latest in dentistry and give the best to all patients in all circumstances has been his main focus always. He has not only seen to his knowledge growth but also organized and attended Camps as his way of giving back to the society by educating the general population on how to prevent dental diseases. A number of articles were written for in house journals of Army Dental Corps. His areas of Interest are Complete relief from pain for all patients. ZERO PAIN, ZERO MEDICINES and BROAD SIMILE. Conserve tooth and oral tissues to the maximum complete care. Treat patient as a whole and not only the teeth.